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When should things go back to normal?

We had our first cycle in November, resulting in a BFN on 25th, followed by a horrendous heavy period which started on 27th. I had been on Zoladex to treat endometriosis for just over a year, so we went straight in to stimulation.

I am now 5 weeks on from that and no sign of my next period - is this normal? If I don't get back on track, this will delay our natural FET which is planned for after my January cycle...

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I think I’m in the minority that my periods just returned to normal straight away I think for many women it can take a while for things to get make in sync. I hope AF arrives soon for you x

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I really hope that you get back on track . We had our first cycle in June last year but it failed. My endometriosis was treated with Dekapeptil so that a new cycled can be commenced. After i was prescribed progynova, divigel and estrogel . I am expecting a BFP for my second cycle. I need all the prayers i can get . My prayers are with you too .Best of luck hun xxx

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