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Finally getting back to 'normal'


I feel like I am slowly getting my body back to 'normal' again after my CP. I was tracking my ovulation to see when I would ovulate and it came a few days later than I was expecting...however 2 weeks to the day my delightful period arrived! so although our increased chance of naturally conceiving at 5-10% didn't work I am glad my cycle seems to have got back on track...although it is much heavier than I am used to!!

Hopefully my next couple of cycles will be fine too and if all goes to plan I should be starting my next IVF on the 7th Jan!

I am also going to start acupuncture soon which I am looking forward to!

I hope all you lovely ladies are doing well :)


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Hi silvrlini. Just want to wish you a smooth ride when you finally start your IVF cycle in the New Year. Good luck! Diane

Thanks so much Diane!xx

Glad to hear things are going back to normal- it took me a few months to ovulate again after my CP. and my periods that followed were also heavier-it is hard for me to say if it was due to my CP or my endometriosis which regrew after my CP.

All the best with your next round , January will be here before you know it, in between I’d give trying a go 😏xoxo

silverlini in reply to jess1981

Thanks Jess, I am surprised it seems to be going back to normal already! fingers crossed it stays like that! I hope you are ok and everything is going well for you?xxx

jess1981 in reply to silverlini

I’m sure it will 🙂

Things are going well thank you. I have my scan a week today where I’ll be 12 weeks 3 days, despite my good scan last week with everything being perfect, I’m still nervous! Which is silly. I don’t think we ever stop worrying.

Next year will be your year 😍✨🌈 xoxo

silverlini in reply to jess1981

oh lovely, glad to hear! I can imagine you would still be nervous...I don't think it goes away!! good luck for next week lovely xx

Hi silverlini, all sounds good. Hope you have a lovely break between now and the 7th. Hopefully everything will go your way in your next IVF. Enjoy acupuncture x

silverlini in reply to Masha111

Thanks Masha :) Hopefully everything will work out ok! I hope all is going well with you xxx

Masha111 in reply to silverlini

Yes thanks. I did have period like pain last night and was worried but these guys put my mind at rest. Pain subsided and there was no bleeding thanm God. Looking forward to my scan next week x

silverlini in reply to Masha111

Oh no that much have been a worry!! I am sure all is ok, probably little one just getting cosy!Good luck for next week!xx

Thank you x

Great news that your body is all settling down again. Wishing you lots of luck for the next step x

silverlini in reply to Kyell2

Thank you my love 😘

Glad to hear that you're doing ok! You sound pretty positive all things considered. Enjoy this break and you'll be ready to fight again in Jan!xx

Thanks lovely! Yes I feel much more positive although I do have my bad days at times but just get through it! I’m looking forward to starting again soon xx

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