Ffs the whole world is prego

Does anyone else feel like EVERYONE else in the world is pregnant?!

Had the news that a guy I went to uni with and his husband are now expecting, which adds to the two lesbian couples I know, 1 single girl and a girl who was going to be celibate.. all having babies. Feel like it just takes the piss. Whilst I'm happy for them it's so tough.

Had first counselling session today (alone as husband won't partake). Feeling quite alone in the process. Wondering what will happen at the planning session on the 2nd Jan. Can anyone advise? Xx

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  • Hi 👋

    Bless you I know this feeling, everything on my news feeds seem to be announcements or new baby pictures.

    Sorry I can’t shed any light on the counselling aspect however, I wish you luck and please know you’re not alone xx

  • I've been through exactly the same and know just what you're feeling. And it makes it even more annoying that it happens so quickly in those instances, all while we wait ages between appointments.

    Good luck at your planning session xx

  • absolutely have these feelings too, some days are worse than others. Social media seems to be a massive kick for me feeling like this so i try and avoid :-( xx

  • I know exactly what you mean, we’ve had tons of pregnancy announcement recently which just feel like another kick in the teeth. Sorry I can’t offer and advise around the counselling but hope it goes well for you xx

  • I know exactly how you feel, everyone seems to either have just had or making an announcement!! It’s so tough - & you’re right about the lonely thing, that’s one of the bits I find hardest is that its such a lonely journey!!

    Try and keep your head up, I find this forum so helpful as everyone just gets it and understands!! Look after yourself!! xx

  • I do find this place super helpful! And a good place to vent. Others just don't understand it x

  • Hi lovely, i know exectly how you feel. In the past few months i've heard nothing but pregnancy announcements from family, friends and work colleagues. What makes it harder is knowing the unhealthy lifestyles that some people lead. From smoking and drinking to being significantly overweight and not exercising. Like you say, feels like it takes the p*** sometimes. On asking my Consultant what else we can do to help ourselves she actually said 'nothing' as we are both non smokers, active with a healthy BMI. Whilst I am truly happy for everyone and wouldn't want this on anyone, life does seem so unfair sometimes. I am starting counselling in a couple of weeks so not sure quite what to expect yet but just wanted to wish you all the best with your journey and I do hope things start to feel easier for you. Sending love and BIG hugs xxx

  • Thanks Poppy. I did feel a bit of a fraud as only just embarking on this journey and it seemed like the other people the councillor has seen had already experienced hardship.

    I suppose I just shouldn't compare myself to others situations and they prob have their own hardships which aren't obvious to everyone else.

    Good luck to you too and keep me updated of your progress xx

  • Thanks lovely, i felt unjustified going for counselling so early on ad i know there are so many other people who have been through difficult and traumatic times but after discussing things with oir Consultant she was very encouraging and positive about counselling so i thoight it can't do any harm. It's hard not to compare yourself, i find myself doing this daily. Please feel free to message me anytime if you need a chat xxx

  • I hope you gained something from your counselling session. I had a couple on my own between cycles 3 & 4 and it really helped me. Hope it is of benefit to you too.

    My husband recently came for the mandatory counselling we had when we started planning to become donor egg recipients. He was quite apprehensive at first and a bit closed off but was surprised at how much he got from it also.

    Perhaps you might raise some of the issues covered at counselling with your husband at home? He might feel comfortable with that x

  • Thanks Dunla. I've asked him to come with me to support me. He's agreed although not sold into it himself. He's absolutely won't consider donors or adoption, where as I am just trying to be realistic of where to go if his doesn't work. I'm a positive person but he literally is shutting himself off about it.

    I hope he changes his mind on it xx

  • Perhaps once he attends the counselling he will feel comfortable enough to engage with it. I felt really nervous about going as I hadn’t attended any sort of counselling before. Perhaps he is feeling something like this.

    Also I know if you had asked me 18months ago about egg donation I would have been really dubious about it and thought it wasn’t for me.

    However I’ve learned that things change and sometimes you take a path you hadn’t planned for on this fertility journey.

    There have been so many times that my husband and I have argued about different aspects of our treatment or simply as a fall out of us both feeling really angry and frustrated at the whole thing. It does put a huge strain on our relationship and some times we cope better with it than others. It’s very up and down. I think it’s normal and you just have to try your best. We’re only human after all.

    Really wishing you and your husband all the very best xx

  • Aw hun, it's seems so cruel when everyone around you is pregnant, especially when they didn't even want children.

    I hope your appointment makes you feel like you're a step closer to joining them snd gives you hope.

    Your appointment may involve being weighed, having blood and urine tests and creating a written treatment plan which will tell you what drugs you're taking, at what dose and on what days of your cycle you'll start them.

    If there's anything you're unsure about then ask the nurse to write it on your plan as you'll keep that with you.

    Depending on which protocol you'll be on, you'll discuss when you're likely to come in for scans and egg collection etc.

    Counselling can be very beneficial, I hope it helps and that your appointment goes well!

    Ps, I'm welsh and was born in 83 :-).

    Luck and love xx

  • Thanks Pookymama, thats good to know and thanks for your msg, it's so hard to know what's next. Are you in the Heath hospital? Xx

  • I know what you mean hun. It's a minefield of stuff to learn at the starting gate so anything you want to know just ask.

    I hadn't discovered this forum when I started but I wish I had!

    Yeah, we're at the Heath. You too? Xx

  • Yes ☺️

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