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Feels like the end of the world

I was positive going into the newyear.

On the 2nd January I started ivf. I attended my appointment and they said everything was prime to start. So with optimism as well as the reservation in the back of my mind me and my husband began.

I got up like clockwork to inject and followed the instructions to a T. At the first scan they were positive, they said that although they were small I had plenty of folicles and that I just needed a few more days but all my bloods were fine.

So faithfully I followed those instructions and attended this morning, they said that everything was set for egg collection wednesday or thursday. So imagine my surprise and despair when I called for results and they said that although my bloods came back at correct levels they were abandoning the cycle as they knew it would not be succesful. So when I questioned it further they could not tell me why other than they didnt want to waste my 1 funded cycle, they also could not tell me my diagnosis and why I was infertile. Simply they didnt have a clue!

I pushed for an appointment with the specialist asap and will attend next wednesday, but I have to say I was not told what to do now or what to expect regarding my cycle, will it go back to normal? Who knows.. I don't. But what I do know is that we cant try again for at least 2 months. The dr's and nurses seem to think this is a short space of time, but after 7 years of trying its an eternity.. they also don't know what they will do as they say the test result they get from me are misleading

If anyone else has had a similar experience then please let me know as I feel even more abnormal than usual and am wondering if it will ever happen for me and my darling husband.

For now a sad and dispondent



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Hi Saz, I am really sorry to hear about your disappointment especially when you have started the new year with such a hope and positive attitude. I am not sure I can help you much with my comments but just want to comfort you with that fact that you are not alone. I think it is very strange that so suddenly in the last moment they have cancelled your Ivf, may be you should book an appointment with your specialist and enquired answers, there should be explanation or at least reasonable answer. Me and my husband are trying for the last 3 years without success and just started the clomid cycle but unfortunetly my body over responded to the drug so we cant try atleast for month,so I fully understand your frustration. I really hope the things to turn positive for you and your husband.

Wish you best of luck


Thankyou for your words. They do mean so much. Its hard to describe the despair you feel to couples who have children and have never felt the way we do.

I had a good cry yesterday and woke up this morning resolute to complete our dreams and have our baby however long it takes.

I called our clinic and booked an appointment to see a specialist on wednesday next week to discuss what went wrong and what our next options are. We have tried far too long to give up now.

I joined the gym today and I'm on my diet once more. I'm determined to loose more weight, although this is not what is causing the infertility this seems to be mentioned in most consultations with the dr's.

I have every hope that there is something that will help us on our quest to have a baby.

Good luck with your treatment I will be hopeing for positive results for you. Thanks again for your kind words.. its good to have someoneelses opinion.

Saz :)


Hi Saz. So sorry to hear that your recent treatment cycle was abandoned after years of trying for a baby, suddenly to have your hopes dashed like this. Sadly, though, things do go wrong and can’t always be predicted beforehand. Most couples are treated along the same lines to start off with, and it is not until treatment is under way, that they can predict how you are going to respond. Rest assured though Saz that the consultant will have learned much about how your body has reacted to fertility drugs, which can hopefully be “fine tuned” next time round. When you go for your next appointment, mention “short protocol” to your consultant. It might be an idea to go straight into stimulation, rather than down regulating your hormones to start off with – just a thought. Yes, two months does seem a long way off, but it is the normal “earliest” interlude to try IVF again – unlike using Clomid that is taken on a monthly basis. I do wish you both well next time around, and be positive that your funded cycle has not gone to waste. Diane


Diane, thankyou for the advice. I am compiling a list of questions for the specialist so will add those suggested by you. As I said to Aaziatkata, my appointment has been booked for wednesday so a week away. I need many questions answering but I am going to get indepth answers on my next steps and the options we have.

Thanks for your continued support through this awful time.

Saz :)


My pleasure Saz and all the best for next Wednesday. Diaen


Hope you got the answers you were looking for as to why treatment was just stopped.

I know what it's like to want a baby so much, and I really feel for you.

Hoping and praying some good news has come your way, or will do very soon.


Thanks Rachel.

Still waiting for those answers im afraid.

But im positive.

Hope you also get the results you want.

Saz x


I've read your post and I hope you are closer to finding out your results. I have just joined this site and I too am having problem. I'm 30 and was diagnosed last week with early menopause. I have my first appointment with fertility nurses on the 15th so I guess I will find out more then. Fingers crossed for you x x


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