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FET daily diary (WARNING, long post alert)

hey ladies,

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, 5 months exactly. I had a fresh IVF cycle back in may this year which unfortunately failed, I am currently undergoing my FET and thought It would be good to document what happens day by day for those wondering what happens during a FET cycle. Here goes...

Appointment 1:

meeting at the clinic, where the nurse talks me through the FET transfer, checks all our forms (again) and surprisingly asks how’s many embryos i wanted transferred (wasn’t expecting this as I’m only 25 and on a NHS cycle). Jumped for joy and signed the paperwork stating I wanted two. She booked me in for an endo scratch and told me when my treatment started

Day 1 (first day of injections and endo scratch):

This is actually day 21 of my current cycle, luckily I had my first appointment on day 19 of my cycle and they allowed me to start the same month

I start my day by whipping out my buserelin and jabbing my thigh with 0.5 of that bad boy, I suppose I’m used to it from the last cycle.

I also have something called an endometrium scratch and from what I’ve read I’m shit scared. It’s where they insert a catheter through the cervix and scratch the wall of the uterus, apparently this prompts its repair and it’s supposedly more likely to except the embryo?? Don’t quote me but I’ll try anything at this point.

The procedure it self didn’t hurt but it was uncomfortable as I had to have a full bladder and the doctor couldn’t get to my cervix 😂. I caused quite a stir and had 3 doctors try after which I was told to drink more water. On a scale of 1-10, the pain was about 8 for about 8 seconds. So not too bad!

Day 2 - 13:

The injections are making me uncomfortable. It’s definitely not as bad as the first treatment cycle because at that point everything is new. I’m lethargic most of the time and just want to sleep. I’m not sure if it’s all in the mind but I am SO tired! They said it’s normal to have a bleed on these injections and I have, bang on time.

Day 14:

This is the day of my query suppressed scan. I think they want to check that my ovaries are suppressed (which they are) and my previous lining is shedding (which it is). I whip of my clothes, get on that chair with my legs in the air and before I can breathe out the doctors done.

She explains that it’s going well, and now in addition to the daily injections I will need to start using oestrogen patches. They are square and clear and very sticky!!

Day 15-20:

As instructed I’m changing my patches every 2 days. They are ridiculously difficult to get off and leave horrible sticky marks on your skin which are almost impossible to clean (coconut oil is the best remedy).

These patches withstood my 3 hour trip to the thermal spa, so they mean business.

The oestrogen is amazing at making you bloated. Everytime I eat anything, I’m bloated for about 5 hours. It’s a nightmare. I’m staying away from wheat (trying to) as that’s supposed to help?

Day 21:

My dose of oestrogen has now been increased to 2 patches every 2 days. I now have bloody 2 patches to try and pry from my skin and burserelin to jab in. Still pretty bloated, and tired and feeling emotional. When will it end???

Day 27:

Another scan, I suppose to check my lining. Again the scan was so quick I didn’t even have a chance to look at the screen. It’s looking good!

I’ve been given another prescription, this time for progesterone suppositories. My biggest enemy. They’ve given me a load of instructions to continue with my double dose of oestrogen, stop buserelin and start progesterone. They’ve also booked my transfer. Eeeek

Day 28

My last buserelin injection (hopefully forever). A very satisfying jab and I go on to conquer my day

Day 29:

Today I start progesterone. I hate them because they are slimy and gross and leak like hell. They are to be inserted vaginally twice a day at the same time. As I study and work I don’t have time to pop it in and lie down for half hour, so I’ve resorted to wearing panty liners.

Day 30-31:

I now have leftover patch residue all over my hips and back. The progesterone is gross and slimy, (I actually miss the simplicity of my injections) and I am so anxious about the transfer. I know I have to be positive but I’m so afraid of it failing again.

Only 2 more days to go

I’ll keep you guys updated.

Wish me luck xxxxx

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Interesting read and will be very helpful for someone who has never had a FET and unsure of what to expect.

I do my progesterone immediately before bedtime - there is some leakage the next morning but nothing like the amount if you do it during the day.

Good luck with the rest of your cycle!

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Good luck Hun xx

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Wishing you lots of luck xx

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All the best wishing you luck ☘️❤️

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Good luck xx

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I found your diary a very interesting read as I’ll be doing an FET either January or February. Wishing you the best of luck 🤞 xx

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