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Will ankle infection delay egg collection?

Hi everyone! Just looking for a bit of advice. I am currently on my first cycle of IVF and day 7 of stims (300iu Menopur). My first scan to check if follicles are doing what they're supposed is tomorrow morning and if everything goes to plan, trigger will be Saturday & possible egg collection on Monday. My issue is that on the weekend I badly grazed my ankle and it looks like it's becoming infected (sorry if too much information!). It's throbbing and angry red around the graze. I've booked an appointment at the doctors for tomorrow just to get it checked out. But I'm worried it is going to affect/delay egg collection. Can anyone shed any light on whether this will indeed delay egg collection?

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I would ask at your appointment tomorrow to be on the safe side. And make sure the doc knows you are stimming too.


the nurse took a look today and said it's fine! Phew! Thanks for responding :)

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Hi kiranA 0510, Sorry to hear that you have a poorly grazed ankle. This shouldn't be a problem with your treatment cycle, so fingers crossed all goes ahead as planned. Diane


Hi there - you're right and the nurse confirmed it! So glad! I was really worried. Thank you for responding to me :)


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