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Egg collection

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So I’ve just got home, ready for a sleep!

Egg collection went well, although there were lots of follicles I have had 5 eggs collected and now awaiting a phone call tomorrow morning to give an update on fertilisation.

Only concerning news is that my scan on Friday showed my endo lining as 7.3 and today it was 7.

So all being well I have another scan on Monday before the decision is made as whether they will complete embryo transfer.

Fingers crossed for successful egg fertilisation and endo lining doesn’t thin out anymore!! Xx

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Good luck with your journey hun xx

Well done on your egg collection. Rest up now and take it very easy. Good luck for fertilisation update tomorrow. xx

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Hi Babyblues. Fingers crossed all round. Time to have a rest now and don't forget to have plenty of water to drink. I shall be thinking of you. Diane

Well done and good luck xx

Aw, best of luck with fertilization and with the lining. Now it's time to put your feet up and look after yourself xxx

Hey, this sounds good. I hope things go well. I hope the call you receive gives you the good news. I would suggest now you rest. Stay calm and stress-free. Do drink lots of water and eat properly as well. Good luck to you. Hoping for the best.

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