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Over stimulated?

Hi ladies,

I’m new to the site, this is my first cycle and we’ve gone for IVF ICSI as my OH’s swimmers need a bit of a helping hand.

We are short protocol and had our second scan today as I’m borderline polycystic (I had a count of 30 pre-cycle). The first scan on day 7 showed only 6+4 above 10mm so they increased my merional from 150 to 225 and went back for a second scan today on day 10 and I’ve now got 15+6 over 10mm but she counted 44 follicles in total. Ive only actually got 2 follicles at 17mm (most are 11-14mm) but I’ve been booked in for egg collection on Tuesday (day 13).

I’m just a bit concerned that although I’ve got loads (and feel bloated like I’ve been in a Chinese buffet for too long) the majority won’t be mature enough to use. They also said they’d have to take all of them out (even the small ones) to reduce the risk of OHSS. It just seems like such a waste and I’m panicking that they’ve booked me in for collection too early!

Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

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On my last scan I had just one at 19 and the rest were smaller. Egg collection was booked for 2 days later and they got 9, all of which were mature enough for ICSI to be done and we ended up with 7 fertilised.

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Thanks for your response, that’s amazing - congratulations!

They’ve booked us in for collection on Tuesday which is 3 days after the scan so hopefully that extra day will give some of the smaller ones a chance to catch up! 🤞


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