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Any experience of hysteroscopy?

Hi, we had to have our fertilized eggs frozen last weekend after finding a polyp on my stimming scans. I have received an appointment today for 25th January which feels ages away! I'm going to ask if it's possible to get an earlier appointment or a cancellation.

Has anyone had this procedure before and how was it. They say it's done without any anaesthetic and just to take pain killers 30 minutes prior, I'm nervous about it being painful.

Thanks x

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Hey Vicky. I had a hysteroscopy a couple of months ago. I was absolutely dreading it and was really worried about how painful it was going to be. However, I took painkillers as recommended and it was so much better than I imagined. The most discomfort (just like period pain) was caused by taking a biopsy. I could see everything on a screen and got to see a part of me I've never seen before! There wasn't the need for a speculum (the delightful thing they use when doing smear tests and it feels like it you're going to split in two as they're merrily winding it open) and after the procedure I didn't have any discomfort. Good luck. Xx


Hi Vicky, I have had several hysteroscopys. The best advice I can give you is to try and relax like going for a smear.

Take some strong painkillers before you go in, it’s not the most comfortable thing but it goes by very quickly and you done!

Don’t worry, they wouldn’t make you do it if it was impossible or painful.

Good luck!!


Vicky just wanted to same I’m sure you will be fine and as others have said it will be quick. Wishing you the best x


Thanks for the replies, I've called the clinic today and managed to get a cancellation on Thursday so we don't have to wait so long for continuing our cycle 😊xx

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Great news!


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