FET 7wks pregnant but spotting and light bleeding

Hi All,

I'm just new to this site and was not posting until now. I've undergone FET treatment and was lucky enough to get positive pregnancy test as early as 6dp5dt. This is my second successful pregnancy as I already have 2 and half year old beautiful son from fresh IVF cycle and I could not believe my luck again.

I'm having my ultrasound for current pregnancy tomorrow and I'm freaking out as I think all will be over officially then. This pregnancy is totally different from my previous one. I've started from tiny spotting at 5wks pregnancy, those spotting were only visible after toilet visit, I’ve experienced moderate cramping some of which were very similar to what I had with my son. As from 6wks pregnancy until now I'm experiencing only light but pink red type of bleeding, this is only sporadic like a twice a day never was huge sometimes only when I’ve wiped and sometimes only enough to get on panty liners but never to get full flow on normal menstrual pad. I'm also not passing any clots just yet, never bleed at night, its only once or twice up to three times a during the day. But the thing which worrying me the bleeding was associated with cramping sometimes. I'm on prontogest injections and estradiol tablets 6mg a day, so wonder if those keeps my body away from full flow.......

I was in contact with my clinic, they wanted me to wait until set scan date so they can see what they need to see, I do understand that. I never went to EPU cos my bleeding never was heavy or with that amount I could fill the pad at all, partly I didn't want to go to hospital was also the reason that if I meant to miscarry things will cannot be prevented anyway. So the last week or so was bit of hell for my emotional side. I still have tiny bit of hope but I also realize the chances and that is upsetting me a lot. I'm not sure why I even write this message as I will know more tomorrow but I guess I was hoping for some reassurance or experiences from you brave ladies whose gone similar ways.....

I'm sending baby vibes to all.

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  • Hi I’ve been having some bleeding too. Little bit of red and some brown and pink. Had two scans and all looks fine. Hopefully you will see the same tomorrow. In the meantime try to rest up And stay hydrated xx

  • Thank you Fredaflintstone, thats reassuring really! I guess time will tell....

  • I know that lots of women bleed in early pregnancy and are absolutely fine hun. A lot of ladies are on here. Hope tomorrow goes well hun.💗🤗😘

  • Thank you AllWeNeedIsluv !

  • Hi All,

    Just wanted to follow up on my above post. I have left doctors office now and I'm so pleased and extremely happy to confirm that my baby heartbeat and proper sac is found and all looks just perfect despite my light bleeding!!!! I cannot even express my emotions right now, this is such a unbelievable because i was almost certain there would not be anything by now, after all those days with bleeding although only light but still there and those cramps etc. I have even bled this morning before the scan so I've started my session with doctors with tears before I knew anything, they had to calm me down a bit........I just hope my baby will continue to develope and we can have it in our arms some time in June 2018!!!

    Thank you all ladies for your warm supportive words they have meant a lot to me!

    I'm sending lots of baby vibes to you all!!!!

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