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So I phoned the clinic and told them that I have done my research on DHEA and want to start taking them and had sourced some micronized DHEA from the States. My consultant was quite open. BUT now has anybody got a definitive list of the best vits and supplements to take besides DHEA? I have heard of ubiquinol and of course folic acid but what else?? I don't drink or smoke so I'm 2 for 2 on those ones.

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  • I came across something a while ago called the CCRM Fertility Cocktail. It's a list of supplements suggested by the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine in the US. I can't find the exact link but there are lots of posts and forum discussions about it

  • You need vitamin d as well

  • Pregnacare pre conception, royal jelly, high strength vitamin c, zinc, magnesium, vitamin e, vitamin d and vitamin b complex are what I took for this cycle. Make sure you take a good dose of ubiquinol. x

  • Right I have seen a cocktail of vitimins are we arware that mixing all of those may not do one ounce of good ifsct they could just counteract the other.

    I took pregnacare which comes with a whole list of stuff your require and high does vit d as we don’t get sunshine here in addition to Selenium.

    Please be aware of taking to many vitimins as it could just be a waste of money x

  • I did research before I took them and advised clinic and fertility acupuncturist and neither said that what I was taking was a bad thing. I had a good response so can't complain.

  • No not saying it’s a bad thing just to be aware at one point I did take a lot but my clinic said be aware of taking to many things as what we were trying to do is intricate enough the made me stop most of them once transfer had taken place but was fine preparing my body. Each to their own it was my opinion.

    Good luck

  • Yeah I modified mine after transfer taking out royal jelly and coq10. I've now changed onto Pregnacare max which comes with omega 3.

  • Coq10, vict d and folic acid x

  • I take a high quality pregnancy supplement which includes CoQ10 and Folic Acids; Amino Acids, Vitamin C, Omega 3 and Vitamin D.

    I struggle with thrush on/off so I also take Acidophilus tablets.

  • I took CoQ10 and melatonin (but only at certain part of cycle) and protein shakes and I had much better results on my 2nd cycle. The docs even asked what I’d done different . I got dhea but decided against taking it , good luck x

  • Hi, I took Ubiquinol 100mg daily, DHEA 75mg daily, had regular acupuncure, Pregnacare conception, 100% organic diet, never smoked and didn't drink alcohol for 3 months prior to ivf cycle. I was told to stop royal jelly as consultant said it had had some really negative effects on egg quality. I am now 20 weeks pregnant at 44 with own eggs after first cycle so am hoping it all played a part!! Good luck :) xxx

  • Thanks, I'm 44 aswell which is quite terrifying, so throwing everything at this situation. Our first embryos are weak at 2 and 3 cell stage which they made no bones about the fact that they rarely get pregnancies from these types of embryos. Many congrats on your pregnancy and every good wish for your new family

  • Ahh thank you. I had a strange round really. I felt really positive as we got 10 eggs, 8 mature but then had the call to say only one had fertilised. I thought on no thats it then. But that little emby made it to day five and had I had it back. Thats the little one that I am carrying now and still cant quite believe it. I never even asked what grade it was to be honest and the clinic never told me. I just knew I wanted it back no matter what. It really can happen even at our age so just keep trying and good luck. Keep me posted and am always here if you need any help, advice or support x

  • Thank you. After all the hype throughout my life with various sections of people telling me you're too old for children etc, my DH and I have given it all we have for 3 rounds of IVF, freezing embryos first then having a myomectomy and then having FET. I had 9 follicles, 7 eggs and only 2 am feeling quite shell shocked after this collection. Am planning to take DHEA, ubiquinol, pregnacare as I don't smoke and rarely drink.....who knows we might get better embryos this time.

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