DHEA Supplements for egg quality?

Hi all

As some of you know our first cycle of ICSI ended in early miscarriage/chemical pregnancy.

We've had some feedback from our clinic (which was all pretty positive and encouraging for our next round) and one of the things they mentioned was that my egg quality wasn't amazing this cycle.

I was a slow responder & carried on with the drugs 2 days longer to get my follicles at the right size, and they have said next cycle they'll put my dosage up, they said that could have been the reason for my eggs not being fantastic this time - quantity over quality etc.

Anyway, they've suggested while I'm waiting for our next cycle which will be early in the new year, to take DHEA supplements which have been shown to improve egg quality. I was just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this & if it actually improved the quality of their eggs?

I've ordered them & am obviously going to start taking ASAP.

Feel very positive that I can actively maybe do something to help towards this all potentially working second time round.

Wishing everyone lots of luck with their journeys X

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  • I used them hun ... seemed to have worked for me x

    They told me to take them for 3 months

  • That's really encouraging thanks. I've been advised to take 25mg 3 times a day. Did you notice any side effects? x

  • No hun no side affects and I was recommended the same dose x

  • Thanks - that's great to hear. Hope all is going well with your pregnancy?! X

  • Hi, can you tell me from which company did you take them? I know that they are called DHEA but wanna know the name of the firm that produce them ?

  • Eurovital babe x

  • Hi Penny, I had yo fake them for three months and they worked for me. I still didn't get hundreds of eggs as my lazy left overy didn't wake up but the eggs I did get were good quality. My twins are due in 6/7 weeks :) the only side effect I did get was that my hair thinned and some fell out but not drastic. I also had a bit of weight gain xx

  • Thanks MrsDx, That's really encouraging, last cycle I was so preoccupied with quantity just assuming they'd all be good quality, but for my next cycle I want to do all I can to make sure the quality is top notch. I'm so happy and excited for you that you have twins on the way! Massive congratulations to you 😘 Xx

  • Thank you Hun and best of luck for your next round. I also had the endo scratch and endoglu which I think can also be helpful to some people xxx

  • Cheers! What is an endo scratch and endo glue? I've heard about them a lot on here but have no idea what they are. My clinic didn't mention them on our last cycle X

  • The scratch is like a smear test just before you start treatment where they 'scratch' the inside of your cervix so an egg attaches better and the glu is literally what it says on the tin and they glue the little embies back into your cervix. Nothing is 100% but I was willing to try anything and actually had to ask the clinic about these and also pay extra. Xx

  • Sorry to but in ladies. Just out of interest where do you buy DHEA supplements from? I'm looking into getting some as I have a low AMH level of 5.37 and I wanted to boast my chances a wee bit before having IVF next year. Congrats to samrakar on your pregnancy wishing all the best with your pregnancy. 🎉 And good luck mrsDx with the arrival of your twins how exciting 🎉And all the best penny primrose with your next cycle wishing you a BFP 💗🍀🙏 such s journey we all go through isn't it but definitely worth it x x x💝

  • My clinic supplied mine. But you can buy them online hun just Google them x good luck

  • Hi Jess, I've ordered mine from Biovea but I haven't started taking them yet so the girls might have some suggestions too. I asked my clinic where to get them from and they were a bit reluctant to recommend anywhere so I did a bit a of research on price and recommendations - lots of feeds on sites like mumsnet, fertility friends etc all seemed to mention the Biovea site so I went with them. They also had a discount code for first time customers which is always a bonus!

    Good luck - keep us posted with it all! X

  • Hi Jess I will pm you about the Dhea. X thank you for your good wishes. This journey is so hard and even an Ivf pregnancy is not without utter worry that your dreams could end so I am feeling very thankful right now xxxx but also very big ;) xxx

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