Dhea supplements experience

Has anyone taken dhea before or know much about it?

I've been doing some research about it and seems interesting. I'm not sure if I'm going to do IVF again and if I do it won't be for a while, so I'm trying naturally again and looking at taking this.

Not sure if I did just buy it and take it if I'd do any harm or if I'd need to go to the doctors to get checked first etc.

Anyone have any experience??

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  • I've been taking 25mg on my clinic's advice because of age. I would personally mention it to some health professional. There are a few side effects but shouldn't be too much at that dosage. Takes a few weeks minimum to start impacting egg quality. Good luck x

  • Hi Soapsuds86. Regarding treatment with Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) it is still in its early days. Women with reduced ovarian reserve have been given 75 mgs of this drug a day, in divided doses of 25 mgs 3 times a day for around 2 months, been found to respond better to stimulation during IVF. Some consultants will offer treatment with DHEA. You would need to ask and discuss this thoroughly with your consultant to see if he/she agrees with it and also regarding the potential side effects, which are similar to using steroids. A 41 yr old lady I spoke with early on in the year, who has had treatment with DHEA after several failed attempts at IVF/ICSI and she has just had 8 eggs retrieved after apparently only ever managing 2-3 per cycle. She used it for 2 months. Hope this helps a little and good luck if you do decide to use it. Diane

  • Hi Soapsuds86 Ive been taking DHEA since my last failed cycle. They couldnt say for sure if it was my egg quality that was the problem but when I spoke to the embryologist he said there would be no harm in taking DHEA. Ive been taking 75mg daily and havent had any side effects really although Ive been struggling to lose weight. Im not quite at egg collection so dont know if it has made any difference yet but I will post my update once I do! All the best!x

  • I used Dhea the results were favourable, I had to take it 2 months before I started I started the Stims. The results were favourable. Instead of 1-2 follicles I got 6/7!

  • Hi I'm at ARGC and they told me I could not take it if I cycled with them (which I am ) . Think each clinic is different so you should go on the consultants advice definitely x

  • I have been taking it for two months no side effects.. did mention facial hair growth but my husband said he would still love me with a beard.. lol. Not due for ec till Feb so I will have been taking it for 3 months. I had low amh so heard this can help.. I hadto order it oonline at biovea xx

  • Hi, I don't have medical knowledge but started taking dheA about 4 months ago. Im 44 with low amh.in april no eggs were found at collection.last month I got 1!! Could be coincidence and I certainly didn't respond better to the drugs with only 1 dominant follicle but our embryo was grade 8/10 -not bad for an old girl!!

    I can tell u that the last month or so I'm definitely spottier so try to keep it to 3 months if u can-I'm only on it this long as my treatment is now in stages so I'll be on it til at least jan x

  • Thanks for the replies. I'm really not sure what to do now. My Ivf doctor has adviced I get my cortisol levels checked and my thyroid. I did have this done about two years ago and was ok but I know it can change. i know the cortisol levels effect the adrenal glands which dhea can help which is what got me researching it. However I don't have a low amh and normally get a high amount of eggs- 20. Its just they die off very quickly and not that great quality, which again led me to dhea.

    I just dont know what to do now. I've been adviced to have lgm/lga antibodies checked too. it's just money money, money and I'm really unsure what it'll achieve. just feeling i need to do something.

    I know I need a break but wanted to "not try" naturally for a few months. just don't know. After 4 years and Christmas round the corner, it's tough.

  • It's so difficult to know what to do for the best and completely understand the need to feel u r doing something.i didn't get any tests done to check it would be ok to take but that's probably not the best way to do things but most places seem to say there's not much harm in taking it.x

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