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First post ! Looking for support

Hi All ,

I'm a newbie and I've finally plucked up the courage to post after a major meltdown this morning so hears my story.

Me 43 OH 36 TTC 10Yrs 6 Previous private IVF cycles in the uk each time BFN

Made the decision to use a donor with a clinic in Czech Republic. We are due to fly this Monday , ready for OH sample and DN egg collection due Wednesday and transfer booked 5 days after.

But this morning I realised instead of taking Estrofem I have been taking Utrogestan pills.....which I'm not due to take until after transfer. I don't know how I could of been so stupid I've been so careful and organised its a major major mistake we have our own business which is going through a very difficult period which makes the situation all the more stressful. I took along the boxes and instructions to my acupuncturist which is why I think the packets were loose with all my other tablets and just well..... Im also due to have my first scan on Saturday.

I called the clinic straight away I have two options one get a replacement date for transfer but not sure how long the wait will be for a new donor or continue with OH sperm collection this week and do a frozen embryo transfer after next period for a frozen transfer.

I really don't know what the best option is to do ?

Appreciate any advice.

Thank you xx

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Oh dear - you poor thing. It’s so difficult getting everything right. It’s your decision but I think I’d go for the frozen cycle. Much easier than finding a new donor. Hope it all goes well whatever you decide to do xxx


I would go for a frozen cycle.. but you know better about your situation.. ☺


I’d do the same - frozen cycle. We’ve had a bfp from our frozen cycle after an unsuccessful fresh one. Good luck whatever you decide. Don’t blame yourself - there’s so much to remember xx


Hey I'm just back from going abroad for a DE cycle. We had hoped to do a fresh transfer whilst over there but my lining wasn't as thick as they like for transfer so hubby gave sample and we had to freeze our embryos. I think going by my experience I would go over and freeze the embryos to do a frozen transfer shortly after. I'm back on meds and hope to go back at th end of this month for transfer. Good luck with what you decide xx


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