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First IVF treatment failed... πŸ˜”

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Hi I have had my first IVF treatment last month. I had one egg four cell transfer the rest of my eggs did not make it unfortunately... After transfer over a week later I had blood and discharge very different to period blood which made me think it was implantation taking place I carried on with my life and day to day chores. It lasted around a week then stopped. After my two week wait being over I done the pregnancy test which was provided by the clinic and it was negative I done two more tests few days later same result. I'm gutted but still have faith I'm now awaiting a appointment from the clinic to discuss what's next as I have no frozen eggs. Anyone been in same situation? Have they called you back and changed the treatment or investigated why it did not work etc...?? All the best to you IVF beginners πŸ‘β£οΈ

23 Replies
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Sorry to hear of your bfn xx

Sallovin in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks hun x

Sorry to hear this. They changed my protocol quite a lot between my first and my second cycle. I’m sure they will have suggestions for you

Thanks for your reply are you still undergoing treatment if you don't mind me asking? I was on long protocol everything was standard apart from menopur was a high dose due to my FSH levels being high for my age... Which was what the nurses were saying πŸ€”


I am still undergoing treatment but mostly due to an issue with my hubbie (see my page). For rounds 2 and 3 they switched me from just menopur to gonal f (high dose) and just a little menopur thrown in. I also now have a 37 hour trigger instead of 36 and I have gone from 3 mature eggs to 9 and then 10 mature eggs so a definite improvement. I’ve been long protocol every time.

Ps forgot to say I also went on ubiquinol.

Thank you I appreciate all this information helps alot I may also have a issue with implantation... I'm just pin pointing things that have happened throughout this experience. I even had acupuncture done as I heard is relaxes you internal muscles etc to help implantation its worth a try x

Sorry to hear this :( me and my partner had 4 ivf cycles before we got a positive. It's so hard. We are a same sex couple and used my partners eggs she is 38 I am 30 the first cycle we did we only walked away with one embryo for transfer and none of the others survived for freezing. This cycle failed. So what we did was I put my partner on a clean eating for three months which We followed an ivf diet we were so strict with what she ate no drinking alcohol at all in those 3 months either or caffeine. She also took co-enzyme Q 10 vitamins. I got most of the information from The next time my partner had her eggs taken again after the diet we walked away with 4 fantastic blastocysts for freezing it had totally made a difference. Unfortunately I still struggled with implantation so on our 4th attempt we through everything at iT we used the embryo glue I had the scratch done, they also upped by medication so I was on extra progesterone injections as well as the pessaries. And they also put me on clexane injections to think my blood to. And the 4th attemp after all that something finally worked we are now 30 weeks pregnant. Hope this helps stay positive you will get there.

Sallovin in reply to Sarahhol72

Aww congratulations to you both. Right so diet change πŸ‘check 😊 x


Sorry to hear about your news. We had none to freeze either. Our first round was awful didnt even make it to ET and only 1 fertilised, so before our 2nd round i was taking multi vitamins, acupuncture, Coq10 and DHEA to improve quality of eggs. I also was on a massively high dose of Merinol. Sadly the 2nd round didnt work either but we got to ET which was a miracle! Two perfect 8 celled 3 day embryos put back in but sadly both failed to implant and doctor doesnt know why. Sadly we dont know how we can afford anymore. But im interested in knowing whether embryo glue and the scratch defo helps increase implantation rates... Good luck for your 2nd round xx

Sallovin in reply to Hidden

Sorry to hear this, check on NHS I'm sure you can get help up to three rounds if your under 40 years of age. All the best hun x

Depends where you live, many areas only offer two, one or even none.

I best get that confirmed then πŸ‘

Hidden in reply to Sallovin

Yeah i already have a 12 year old from a prev relationship so they wont fund x

Sallovin in reply to Hidden

Okay yeah that makes sense x

It is very sad to hear this. This struggle is very difficult to bear. It is like every day you are dealing with some issues. Keep one thing in mind that you are strong. In fact, you are a warrior to deal with such situation. Keep your spirits high. Just imagine that you are a few steps away. My best wishes are with you.

Sallovin in reply to AliciaWill

Thanks for your support 😊 all the best hun x

Sorry to hear this. Don’t worry, miracle does happen, like me. I had a failed ivf last Nov, everything went fine at first but no embryo survived to day5, the fertility doctor suggest me to take Coq10 , DHEa and Mylo-inositol to improve egg quality. After taking a month or so supplements, I conceived naturally in mid-jan, now 13 weeks pregnant. Don’t give up hope.

Sallovin in reply to MonV

Amazing congratulations thanks for your support 😘

So sorry to hear your news. I'm on my 4th cycle. My protocol and drugs have been changed each time as they learn more about you. First 3 cycles were long protocol, 3rd one with scratch. Consistently got 3 to 4 collected but only ever got one embryo to transfer stage. I had extra implantation tests and now I'm on short cycle with Dhea, scratch, embryo glue, got 6 collected, 3 fertilised and 2 transferred, now in the 2 week wait 🀞x

Sallovin in reply to Sarah_S

Aww thanks for your support all the best and hope u get a positive 😘😘😘

Hay there, sorry for late reply, just wanted to say please dont give up hope, i had 2 attempts were i live the first unsuccessfull but second was a dream come true i got my little boy at last after many years of trying diifferent ways, there was no change between my first and second attemp even though a diet and being healthy is the best option i digdnt change anythin, apart from after embrio transferre i relaxed with my feet up nearly every day for 3 weeks as i was afraid it would fall out, ha ha, relax, try not to stress and good look.x miricles do happen.

Aww I believe they do too congratulations hun I just need a big bag of patience 😊x

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