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Nurse consultation booked at last!

It feels like it's taken forever to get to this point! Finally had a hysteroscopy done a while ago for an endometrial polyp. It took sooo long for the appointment to come through that the polyp seemed to have shed by itself and there was nothing to remove after all. All that pain for nothing! Argh!

But the doctor did do a small biopsy which I'm hoping will act as a scratch. So something good came from it, right?

I wept when they told me I might have to wait for another couple of months before our nurse consultation but thankfully it's now booked in for 23rd May and I'm really really really hoping this means I'll be starting on the short protocol a few days later with the start of my next cycle.

Can't wait to be finally doing this. (Trying not to think about all the obstacles yet to come!)

Ladies, reading all your posts over the past few months has reminded me again and again that we all have the capacity to be so much more patient and strong than we ever thought was possible. We are amazing! ♡

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Hi Llama1. Just wanted to wish you well with your treatment cycle when you start later this month. Shame about the delay with the mysterious polyp, but as you say, it will have served as a potential "scratch", and should realise the same reaction. The ladies here will soon "jump in" and support you throughout. Diane


Thank you Diane!


Good luck with your nurses appointment hope all goes well xx


I'm so pleased for you. I can hear the strength in your comment. I'm hoping I can find this strength and courage to do this. Got to get my big girl pants out I think!!! Xxx😘


You can definitely do this. We all can. Big Girl Pants on! xx

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Thank you. Sometimes I feel really strong like I can do this then other times I think who am I kidding my knees go weak just listening to a colleague talk about Dexter! Xx

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We are amazing indeed! Haha do not want to be that in your face but I guess this is the only place where such words won’t be considered bad haha

I love your attitude and you should not concentrate on the obstacles! the only thing you should think about is the bright future ahead of you :)

We're here keeping our fingers crossed and wishing you the best of luck.

By the way, about patience. I won’t say that I am that patient at all, I am freaking out when it is like when my manager is 10 mins late on sending me the latest updates about my SM's pregnancy. I really feel like I am turning into some stupid and unlikable person having done this for quite a few times.. :) But I agree with you that everyone else here is saint :D



Haha, I bet no-one here is a saint! I'm certainly not. But warriers we are!

Thanks for the kind wishes. Wishing you and your future little one the very best too xx


my future little TWO! :)

Thank you very much and the same wishes for you and your family!

Oh well, if we look at our lives from the point of view of Church or republicans then you're right no one here is a saint but I meant that women here and men also are very strong and amazing. it is hard to even expect someone to be that strong and to live years through infertility and undergo as many ivf cycles and treatments as possible. that many that sometimes it ruins body and even damages soul...

And it is also very stressful to not be able to have a chance of connecting to your future baby through pregnancy. Surrogacy is very helpful but it is indeed very harsh to know that for the future nine months you are not going to even feel your baby, well, only if your surrogate mother allows you to touch her belly when she is having her us scan and you are sentenced to forever look at the ultrasounds of your kids and wonder how will they look like, what music your surrogate mothers gives them to listen or does she even do something like that, does she talk to them or not..

All of those things that you have imagined yourself doing dreaming of getting pregnant. Now reading all those articles about pregnancy and what to do and what not is the worst thing for women in my situation…

Sorry for such a long post. Just thought that I have to spill it out.


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