Drugs have arrived 😬

So this morning all my medication got delivered and I actually forgot how much more there was for a fresh cycle πŸ™ˆ

I'm feeling positive to get going next week but does anyone else get that weird feeling that it all just got 'real' that their about to put themselves through it once again. I'm trying so hard to not let my anxieties take over..

It's got to be 4th time lucky 🀞

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  • I also had my medication delivered this morning. It's my first attempt and the sheer amount of stuff that kept coming out of the box has left me feeling a little overwhelmed! I definitely get what you mean about it all suddenly being real, i can't believe it's actually here.

    Good luck, I hope everything goes well for you xx

  • I'm not surprised, I've used to get the deliveries just not the added extras to try and store discreetly if people come round in the fridge πŸ™„ lol

    Thank you, lots of luck for your first cycle to. When do you start? Xx

  • Luckily none of mine need to go in the fridge so they're now all out of the way in a cupboard.

    I start taking microgynon at the end of this month then hopefully start the injections on 10th August xx

  • Oh that's good, good luck for when it all begins xx

  • My drugs come Saturday, hopefully after baseline on 18h I start 1st injection xx

  • Fingers crossed it all goes well, I start my injections on the 20th xx

  • Aww this was me the other day.... feels so real seeing all the meds and needles in your living room! I'm sorry it's your 4th cycle..... but I have a good feeling for you. All the best.... can't wait for AF now. Let's do this! xx

  • Thank you, good luck for your cycle to. Seems like there will be a few of us going through it at similar times, this will be my first cycle having the forum as support and I definitely feel stronger knowing that there's people who 'get it' to turn to xx

  • Aww yeah this site has been a wealth of support.... please feel free to message any time! It is really nice to be going through it the same time as others..... me and hubby havent told alot of people about it. And the people we have, i dont think they really understand the emotional build up, so is great to know you can takl to people who get it.... good luck! xxx

  • Ah thank you, same goes to you! We're the same, I've always felt it's something I don't want many people to know as i think it can add more pressure and if your trying to conceive naturally you don't announce it to everyone. Definitely it's hard for anyone not walking this path to understand xx

  • Hi ladies, I totally agree that it becomes so real when you have your meds, I start buserelin injections on 20th. Comforting that there's a couple of us going through this stage together 😊 x

  • Definitely, helps having someone to talk to who's going through the same thing. We start buserelin on the same day! X

  • That's the only drug I've been given, I have my baseline for 7/8 so hopefully they will give me my next meds then. Not sure if that's normal as this is my first cycle? x

  • I think it probably depends on clinics, I've always had all my drugs delivered in one go. Did you collect your buserlein? X

  • Yes when we went to discuss the whole ivf process they gave me buserlein prescription, so I'm thinking il probably get a few prescriptions through the cycle. I do remember the clinic saying I will need to pay for quite a few prescriptions x

  • Yeah definitely seems like it which is probably an easier way tbh and for storing it all. It might be different if your paying for it to cause mine is NHS funded x

  • Mines NHS funded but I have to pay for prescriptions is that normal? X

  • I'm not sure tbh, i haven't paid for any prescriptions. Again maybe it's the different clinics x

  • I also had to pay for my NHS prescription. I got a pre payment card though for about Β£30 which covered everything for 3 months x

  • Good luck! X

  • Glad your meds arrived. I picked mine up today for my second IVF cycle. So glad I checked I had all my meds before I left the hospital pharmacy as they had forgotten to put the pregnyl in. The most vital medicine for IVF! Good luck with your cycles. Glad there will be quite a few of us doing our injections around the same time. Think I will be staring mine around the first or second week of August.xx

  • Good job you did check and that you've got them in plenty of time otherwise that would of been awful! Definitely, this forum is such a great place for support xx

  • Good luck!! Xx

  • Good luck lovely xxx

  • by Gods grace it will be.

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