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How long does it take to feel normal again after EC?


I know that it is only 3 days since EC but I still have abdominal pains and sore breasts like you don't believe. I am so all over the place with my cycle now so I don't have a clue when to expect AF to appear. I am drinking fluids like nobody's business and taking paracetamol every few hours to dull the nagging ache. I heard from the embryologist on Friday, we were so much in shock that we just couldn't take anymore bad news, so I blocked the clinic number on my phone for 24 hours. I haven't heard from them today which is somewhat of a blessing!!! I will contact them tomorrow to see if the other 2 embryos have survived to the state of freezing.

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I had my EC on a Tuesday morning and felt pretty bad for the next few days. I had to go into the clinic on the Friday for blood tests because I was huge risk of OHSS and i remember it wasn’t until that Friday morning that I started to feel normal again. Hope you feel better soon.

The sore breasts are caused by the trigger injection which is basically pregnancy hormone. They should not last more than ten days at most. Good luck for your other two embryos x

Hopefully it’s just all the drugs working their way out of your system.

Our clinic contacted us the day after EC to tell us fertilisation rates(day1), then day 3, then day 5.

Fingers crossed you will be feeling better soon x

Yammie1973 in reply to emmab178

Hi Emma, thanks for the info, the clinic phoned day 1 and 2 but nothing since, so I will contact them on Monday lunchtime. I think that they said they would freeze on day 3 but I could be wrong! That is of course if there is anything left to freeze!

emmab178 in reply to Yammie1973

Now now, positive thoughts for the dynamic duo x

Yammie1973 in reply to emmab178

Well they say no news is good news!

Hey, my boobs were just the most tender ever...had to wear a bra in bed, it's the trigger hcg shot or it was for me...what a killer. Hopefully day by day you'll feel more "normal" and that you get some good news at your update!!xx

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