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I'm curious to know how long you all took progesterone for after your transfers. My clinic only gave me progesterone until the pregnancy test day and said to stop after that. I got a positive, but just this weekend found out that the pregnancy is failing. Wondering if for next time I should insist that I stay on it longer. (I know people that stay on it for 12 weeks.)

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  • Sorry to hear what you've been through, I've always been told for all my cycles on the result of a positive test to continue them until 12 weeks x

  • Hi

    Initially my clinic give you enough for 2 weeks, but then I was told that following a successful test this would be extended to cover first 12 weeks. They did mention that I might have to get the prescription from my doctor though, so not sure what normal protocol is

  • Hi

    Sorry to hear you are having a bad time of it.

    I guess every clinic is different but I was given enough to last up until 15 days after transfer and started evening of egg collection and they have given me a letter to take to my gp to ask for a prescription in two weeks should I have a positive test so that I will then have enough to last up until 12 weeks pregnancy. I'm only one day past transfer at the moment. X

  • Sorry to hear of your loss. I stayed on them until 12 weeks xxx

  • Thanks for all the responses ladies. Sounds like it's pretty standard protocol to stay on them for a while. I will definitely bring this up at my review appointment. Quite upset now! :(

  • My first try, I only had to take them until we done the test. However this time I've to continue to take them 12 weeks after taking the test (if a positive result). They didn't give any reason why ☺️

  • My clinic always advise to stay on til 12 weeks. They provided me with enough until just after test but then they wrote to my GP to prescribe me more x

  • Very sorry for your loss. glad I read this post as I got BFP today and took last progesterone today. Will give my clinic a ring tomorrow and ask. xx

  • Hiya, I think it depends what sort of treatment you had. If you had a frozen natural cycle ie. no down regging then you don't need to take progesterone as your body won't have stopped making it. If it were a fresh medicated cycle I think you usually take 1 dose a day up to a given point (previous conversations on this page have ranged anywhere from 2wks to 12wks and beyond...its all so different depending on clinic) and if you did a medicated fet then I think it's normally 2 doses a day (more than a fresh cycle as u don't have the trigger shot which I think gives u a hit, or helps u produce progesterone)...again I've heard of people taking them from 2wks to 12wks. Personally I had to take mine for 12wks for both cycles...but that was definitely to be on the safe side.


  • Hi no monkeys. The average recommended time is 12 weeks. Obviously, specialists have different ideas on this, as your own progesterone should soon take over, so if the first scan is ok, they sometimes tell you to stop. Diane

  • Had my 8 week scan today (still cannot believe it!) and was told that can stop progesterone after week 8 as the placenta produces it now. Can't wait to stop using the horrid things!!!

  • I was only told to take them up until test day and currently 7+3 xx

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