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Keep asking myself one question as was reading a lot that girls are no stopping progesterone until their levels are down or there's nothing to see on 6 weeks scan .. I started spotting day before the test day and that was my last progesterone then I started bleeding stronger .. Hcg on test day was 190 they knew I was bleeding but didn't book me for another blood til after 4 days when levels dropped to 90 I was told I need another test to see if its dropping down good or will go up again as it could be ectopic pregnancy.. Something doesn't feel right ... Any opinions? Could progesterone help if I didn't stop it so early?

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I had two embryos put back on day 2 x


I would ask to keep taking progesterone until your 12 weeks plus x


Sorry for what you are going through :-(

Each clinic seems to work slightly differently...I had to keep using progesterone until there was no longer a visible heartbeat at the 9+5 weeks scan.

I too wondered if my dosage was high enough, but I read that it doesn't stop miscarriage, just delays it :-(

I will however be asking that question at our follow up appointment x


Thanx for your replies ..I will phone gp ask if I could get it back x think its too late now tho :( don't want to phone clinic again as they were asked and said they only give it for two weeks xx I won't be happy if I find out this could help :( x



I unfortunately had a miscarriage at 6 weeks my first hcg was 430 at 4 weeks I then began spotting but hcg rose to 1947 6 days later but 2 days later it fell to 1091 and I then had a big bleed. scan at 6 weeks confirmed no baby, I then stopped all medications, clinic advised me not to stop anything until scan.

It took a while for hcg levels to drop in blood test and then I was asked to do hpt which was negative by the time I would have been 8 weeks.

I don't know if this helps at all.



I have been told to take progesterone for the full 12 weeks.


If the pregancy was non viable and I am still on progesterone, would i still have signs of a miscarriage?

My 7 week scan is due next week and trying to prepare myself for all eventualities. I have no idea what symptoms are pregnancy related or progesterone related.


My clinic only does it for 2 weeks as well. Most women only need it that long, as it doesn't hurt, some clinics will let you do it for 12 weeks as reassurance. That's what they told me! I had a successful pregnancy only using it for 2 weeks. And 2 positive tests that failed shortly after having a positive test, both the last day of the progesterone I started bleeding. If you had come up with a deficiency, they would have had you take progesterone longer. As sad as it is, the progesterone slows down the inevitable, you did nothing wrong.


Hello. My clinic and all doctors I was dealing with when I had my miscarriage said keep taking them until they knew what was happening with me. But not all say the same. Xxx


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