Post failed cycle consultation - lots of questions! Dhea/clinic/hysteroscopy advice pls

Sorry in advance for the long post - post appt rant coming up😊So after our bfn last month, we had our follow up meeting with the dr today. He was really lovely (hadn't seen him before) but it was all pretty crap news. I have low amh and am 35 so that was our starting point. We got 6 eggs and 2 fertilised and both transferred. The embryos weren't the best quality. He also said two of our other embryos (or eggs, I'm not quite sure) where abnormal and had three nuclei(?). The sperm was ok but not the best which is weird as my hubby was told he basically had super sperm when he had his analysis before. I had a thin lining which was 6mm at transfer and then had a difficult transfer - took two consultants to do it. So basically everything that could go wrong went wrong (go us!). So anyway I'm being sent off for a hysteroscopy and biopsy. They want to dilate my cervix and take biopsy to check lining. I didn't quite understand the cervix bit but it sounded like they wanted to punch a hole to make transfer easier next time. The dr doesnt expect to find anything wrong with lining though. So after sitting through all that pretty disappointing news we were told that our next NHS cycle wouldn't be until June 2018. We were completely floored - we'd always thought it would be 6 months max as that is what we'd been told. My hubby is usually pretty stoic but he looked pretty devastated but continues to put on a brave face. Waiting lists, my amh and age are not the best of friends! We've decided to take a look at private clinics and see about funding a private cycle in the mean time. We are London based and would love to hear of any experiences at clinics in London, particular from those with low amh. We've had quick look tonight and there are just so many! It's mind boggling. Also does anyone have any tips on where to buy dhea (the good stuff😂). I know you can't get the micronized stuff in the Uk but if anyone knows of any links to US based sights I'd be very grateful! Ps does the hysteroscopy hurt?! Sorry for the long post xxx

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  • I had dilation. They do hysteroscopy at the same time usually when sedated but I didn't have it yet cos it costs a lot more. Dilation involves them putting small rods through the neck of the cervix and slightly increasing the size to increase the size to make transfer easier. I had a difficult transfer too the first time. It doesn't hurt at all - you'll be sedated or knocked out. The hysteroscopy shouldn't hurt either. I'll pm you clinic. I've been pleased but not had ordinary ivf - having donor egg ivf because my eggs are hopeless xx

  • Thanks Freda. My eggs also appear to be hopeless! Good to know about the hysteroscopy. After all the prodding and poking last month, pain free sedation sounds 👌 I'd love to hear about your clinic, it will Leo with the decision making x

  • Read it starts with the egg. Great book re improving egg quality. I'll pm you re DHEA x

  • Thanks! I've got the book and tried most things. I was not a fan of the royal jelly, tasted like candle wax 🤢 going to dig it out and give it another read though in case I've missed anything x

  • I just had a hysteroscopy last week in Prague! Without sedation. It wasn't painful. Uncomfortable though! I'm a fan of DHEA, it worked really well for me. Side effects suck though!

  • Thanks filmgirl. What kind of side effects did you have?

  • My hair thinned a little (it came back) and I was super grumpy.

  • I'm really sorry that you had a failed cycle, it sounds like you have been through a rough time! I don't know anything about DHEA but I would definitely recommend reading the book 'is your body baby friendly', I've just started reading and it's fascinating how our immune system can work against us on this journey. I don't know if you've tried it before but I'd also recommend trying to find a reproductive reflexologist, this has really helped with a couple of issues I was having.

    It's so hard on our partners sometimes isn't it, they don't know what to say to ease our pain when they are hurting at the same time too 😢 Let us know how you get on in your private clinic search xxxx

  • Thanks sprinkles! The book sounds good -I'll take a look. I've been going to acupuncture - the lady is lovely but I wonder whether I should maybe try something different. I went to two different acupuncturists either side of transfer as my usual lady was away and both were very different styles to her in that I could actually feel what they were doing. I jumped so much at the sensation I knocked one of the needles out 😊 it's left me wondering whether my lady is being too gentle...

  • Hummm that's interesting I would have thought they would all be on the gentle side! I've never tried acupuncture but I may give it a try on our next go. Maybe discuss with your usual lady about how different the others were and she could advise on why they may approach it differently? Xxx

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