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Hello everyone!

It's my first post in this community. I used to read different forums and basically i found out about the process of in vitro fertilization but still can't pull myself together and feeling anxious about what is to be. Last week I signed a contract with a clinic for 5 IVF attempts with donor eggs (chose this package because of money refund in case of negative result). Because of early menopause I became infertile at 35. Unfortunately I couldn't have children before and the reason is pretty sad - my career. Now I realize that I achieved all I wanted but still I'm not happy enough. Please don't blame me for that.

My question is about my stimulation. It's not actually a follicle growth stimulation as I'm using donor eggs but my lining is too thin and I need it to be at least 10mm to move on. Has anyone faced with this? How much time does it normally take to have a thick enough endometrium for embryo transfer? And the process of transfer itself, did you have any side effects? The clinic I'm with performs 5 day transfer but I know that lots of clinics have even 2 and 3 day transfer and I'm confused, which method is better?

Thank you in advance x

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  • Hi there. I am about to go through donor egg IVF (end May) so am maybe not best placed to answer your question as I still have the whole caboodle ahead of me! I have been on Cilest for a month and start my medication proper on the 24th of April. My first scan is booked for the 15th of May and I am pooping myself that my lining is not going to play along.

    My clinic has said that I need my endometrium scanned between the 15th and 18th of May as transfer is set for the 29th, so they have approximately ten days to then alter my medication if things aren't looking as they should.

    The clinic I am using only does 5 day transfers. I have read a great many good things about this, so can only hope that this will yield a positive result!

    Anyhow, I wish you only the best and would love to hear how you get on x Sorry to not be of more help.

  • Thank you CountryCat! this is very informative actually. That's great that you are already started your treatment, a month is not a lot. i can't comfy you as I'm also anxious about lining thickness. I have Progynova and Divigel for that purposes and I'm praying they are useful.

    Do you know which lining thickness is fine for your clinic?

    I was also told that 5 day transfer is a goood idea, so one troubling question less, phew! I saw you posted that your clinic was abroad, right? Which one did you choose?

    Thank you once again. I hope we will have the best lining for our future embies x

  • Hi, I have sent you a private message x

  • Thank you! Replied x

  • I can't quite answer all of your questions, but I believe that the day of transfer really depends on your circumstances. I only had one egg that fertilised, so I had a day 2 transfer. Because there was only one egg they had no reason to keep watch on it & 'choose our best' so they just put it straight back in. My husband kept saying they put it back where it belonged!

    As for the thin lining, I had thin lining, so they gave me extra days on progynova. I still don't think it was as thick as maybe they'd have liked, but they went ahead with transfer because it was triple lining, which is apparently what it needs to be.

    I hope this may help you even if just a little bit & best of luck with your journey! x

  • Thank you for your reply. I understand now the reason for transfer on different days. I think if they performed transfer then your lining was good enough? or they just care less then you did. One poor embryo aaw. So sorry

    I'm sorry for your failed cycle, it must be veryhard to move on after that? what did you decide? will you try again or take it?

  • Haven't decided quite yet what to do. We have follow up appointment a week today & I want to see what they say. If they recommend trying something different for my lining (besides being pretty pissed off that they didn't do it first time round) then I would probably try again. If they talk along the lines of they did everything they could last time then I might leave it be. We have no medical reason why we can't conceive, so you never know, it could happen naturally yet? But at the same time they think I'll hit the menopause by next year, so I don't then want to spend the rest of my life regretting not trying again....awkward! x

  • I am doing treatment with DE my first cycle with donor eggs sadly didn't work but starting my next cycle with a frozen blasts soon. Any questions just message me xxx

  • I'm really sorry for the first fail. that's why I decided to choose a package with multiple attempts. I'm afraid that it's impossible for me to get bfp from the very first try. I hope your frosties will become your sweet babes! Do you already know when your transfer should be?

  • I also am using a DE package as it takes the pressure of, when I start my af I am on patches for approx 10days then pessaries and injections with transfer about 5-7 days later. No dates yet as it depends how my lining thickens up etc xx

  • I'm in the middle of my DE cycle. I started on the pill for a couple of months, then I've been injecting buserelin for nearly two weeks. I had my first scan yesterday which required a thin lining. Next week I start taking oestrogen tablets which will thicken my lining. So I'm not sure what will happen if it's not thick enough at my next scan - there'll be 5 days between that scan and my flight to our clinic for fertilisation and ET.

    Not sure I've been much help...

    What I have learnt from talking to different women here is that every clinic is different... injections for some, patches or sprays for others... 3 day transfers in some places and 5 in others... so don't let it panic you if you see others doing a different route. It's just different not a better option. About 4 weeks ago I didn't even understand the drugs I was going to be taking!

    Good luck! x

  • so in total it takes you around 3 months of taking all those medicines? Maybe your clinic will postpone your ET if your lining is not to thick? actually this question bothers me too. but I just started taking pills and don't even know what will be with my endometrium in a months.

    every reply is helpful, believe me.

    your words make me feel better. I know that every case is sort of unique but you know, this mess in thoughts makes me forget about rational attitude. I'm grateful to you!

    Wish you the best lining for the best embies!xx

  • I think they'll just adjust drugs if the lining isn't thickening...they'll just keep monitoring. the injections is about 5 weeks for me. Then a week of collection/transfer before two week wait. I had a lengthy pill process - but that isn't common. Sometimes it's just one month - if your doctor even recommends it x

  • I'm 10 weeks pregnant with Donor eggs, had my treatment in Greece. Prior to going my lining was too thin.. 6mm,they quickly increased my progynova and I had warm baths twice daily, within 5 days I arrived there and lining was over the 8mm they require, was over 9mm. Transfer was with 2 5 day blastocysts and all went well... My Donor managed to give me 4 fab blastocysts so 2 still in freezer.. After 4 rounds of ivf with own eggs in UK, this all been so much better and I have been in better place whilst going through treatment... I have had 3 scans and all Perfect at present.. Single pregnancy.. Never got this far before... Happy to help if I'm needed.. Wishing you all the best. Lots of love Jackie xx

  • So lovely to read a DE success story. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks.. Still early days but never been this far... And I honestly don't think about my eggs.. Where they from... I was matched and I am growing my baby... I know it's hard to get head round for done, and see you looking at this option.. Just thought I would say... Wishing you all the best xxx 🌼

  • Your reply brought a tear to my eye. "I was matched" : love it. I'm excited to think that somewhere right now... there's a donor about to start stimming to get some eggs to help us have a baby xx

  • Congrats on your pregnancy, Jackie!! it's so lovely to hear your wonderful story! that's a gift after those 4 fails, right? I heard about Greece fertility centers as well, but didn't think that Greek medicine is better than UK one. Good luck to you dear!

    ps. are warm baths helpful? xx

  • Thanks... Yes quite a journey.. Not over yet... As for baths I believe so.. Not usually a bath person but my nurse liason recommended it.. And lining did what was wanted it too... All the best xxx

  • Enjoy your pregnancy sweety. I'll definitely try this recommendation, although me too, more a shower person. So glad it was helpful to you. wishing you all the best with your pregnancy! Take care!xxx

  • I'm not sure, but I think the '5 day transfer' means the embryo gets to 5 days of development before being transferred, so it's not to do with your lining at all. You will just want to know that the donor eggs develop successfully once they have been fertilised. I assume they will be freezing the embryos so they can make sure your lining is perfect before defrosting. If this is the case then you don't need to worry as they can tweak the drugs and give you as long as you need before doing the transfer. I hope this helps x

  • Oh and I meant to say, 5 day transfer is better as it means the embryos have developed well for longer and the embryologist can see the embryos which are more likely to succeed. I'm desperately hoping for a longer transfer on my cycle!

  • hi Lizzielizzielizzie! Thank you for replying me. There were 2 different questions about lining and transfer. I know the reason for transfer on day 2-3 and 5 now, thanks to helpful women here. thank you.

    It's going to be fresh cycle actually, that's why I'm worried. I still have time to make my lining at least 8mm but i'm concerned, what if it won't be so. I think I'm making myself nervous out of nothing, never mind.

    I hope you'll also have your blasts put back in x

  • I think everyone finds things to be nervous about. We just have to trust that our clinics and the skilled doctors know what they are doing xx

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