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Cyclogest for LPD - breakthrough bleed when I should be ovulating

I wondered if anyone had any advice or had been through something similar.

Last month I tried Cyclogest during the 2ww in order to lengthen my luteal phase. Had all of the lovely phantom symptoms but sadly got two negative tests and so stopped the cyclogest and got my period a few days later.

Leap forward to this week (cd 11 ish) and I start to get some ovulation signs much earlier than usual. I tend to ov around cd 17. Started testing on clear blue ov tests - all negative. Friday night I go to the toilet and realise I'm bleeding. This stops and starts over the next day. More than spotting and I have to use tampons.

It has now stopped but I don't know

1. If I have even ovulated.

2. When on earth I should start taking the cyclogest again?

Will phone the clinic tomorrow but wanted to reach out tonight just in case.

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Hi MrsCrumble. Just hoping that you manged to get some answers as to what seems to be going on with you at the moment. Maybe you need something to regulate your cycle and ovulation, worth asking. Hope all is soon sorted for you. Diane


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