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When to do ovulation test?


Hi ladies.

I did ovulation tests on the day 12,13 and 14 of my cycle and all of them were negative...

I am not sure if I missed my ovulation,it will happen in few days or it never happened at all.

Please help and let me know which days you do your ovulation. My cycle is 28 days most of the time and I have been told I ovulate on day 14th.

Also I did tests at 11pm every day.

Thank you ❤

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Hi you should start using them earlier in your cycle to try and make sure they pick up the LH surge etc. Most kits suggest when to start. Good luck!

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It does say on the test to do it from 11th day so I might try earlier next month. Thank you x

I found an app called Glow it was really useful for logging periods so i could get cycle day and it also was very useful for give ovulation date. ☺

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I got Glow bit my ovulation on it didn't match my tests 🙈x

I think you might need to start testing a few days earlier than that. There are probably loads of apps you can download to help with this now. Maybe have a look and see what’s available xx

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Ok thank you lovely xx

Try testing with first morning urine also as it might be more concentrated.

I’d start tearing earlier but also you could ovulate later. My cycle was 28-31 and I sometimes didn’t ovulate until CD 18/19.

I’d test a few times a day too, maybe morning and evening xxx

I would test from day 10 of a 28 day cycle and test until the positive. Don’t just stop testing on day 14 because you assume that ovulation has happened. Good luck xx

Thank you hunni xx

Hi Pauleenka. I also used ov sticks a few times and I started on day 9 or 10. I used the dual ones which give you a static/flashing smiley face. As these are expensive I started using the Fertility Friend app and taking basal body temperature readings to gauge when I ovulated.


I use the one with smiley face too.Jist didn't see one yet lol.

I don't really know what to look out with body temperature?xx

Hi, I think you need to start testing on Day 10 and test all the way through to a positive. This cycle for me was 29 days but I didn’t ovulate until day 19. It’s very rare I have ovulated by day 14 (although admittedly my cycles are usually more like 32- 34 days, this one is actually short for me!)

Hi I’ve just done this and was told to start around day 9-10. Then to do it in morning and eve 12hrs apart. Though with mine it was day 14 so tested more regularly then. Maybe keep testing. Otherwise hopefully for next cycle. Clinic should advise. Best wishes

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