In Athens for hysteroscopy - results

Next month will be our 3rd IVF DE in Cyprus. After last failed cycle they suggested a hysteroscopy. NHS wouldn't do it so did research and got it done in Greece instead for a much cheaper price and a holiday to boot! The sergeon found damaged tissue from having hidden C infection. You get a DVD after of the operation and I could see what he was talking about. A lot of the inside of my womb was think and had rubbish blood supply so he did implantation cuts (like scratch but more full on!) to get down to blood vessels. My womb is now ready for embryos to attach more easily. Makes me think now the scratch wouldn't have really done much as lining was so thick it wouldn't have got through to blood vessels. Anyway we are really pleased but thought I would share on here for those with failed cycles it is a box to possibly tick for problems x

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  • Thanks very much have sent you a message - we may need the same if this upcoming cycle doesn't work. Wishing you lots of luck for your next transfer xxx

  • Glad it all went well and they were able to do the deep cuts whilst doing your hystero! Hopefully that's you on course for your next cycle!! I hope you managed to get in some relaxation time too, Im off to Athens on 26th to start treatment and hoping its nice!xx

  • Are you with Serum? They were really nice 😁👍

  • No its a different clinic but they've been really good! Looking forward to some sun and hopefully a successful DE round!xx

  • Fab good luck ! It's very hot!! Get a hop on hop of bus ticket great for sightseeing!

  • Thanks for the tip, appreciate it! Ooooh hot sounds good to me, contrast to Scotland for sure....getting pretty chilly now.xx

  • I had a hysteroscopy in Prague on Tuesday! Because it was cheaper and a beautiful city!!!

  • I'm going to Prague for my IVF too.

  • Fab news. Really hoping your next cycle is the one xxxxxxxx

  • Hi blonde boo fantastic. Really hope this makes all the difference to you xx

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