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Hi, how many of you have had a hysteroscopy and be honest did you find it painful ( will I be OK to go to work after) 

And how long did you have to wait for your result? And did you have to have treatment after ? 

I have my hysteroscopy on Tuesday as when I was on my down reg meds - I did down regulate but my lining of womb was still thick, and I was told to cancel the cycle. so they referred me to have hysteroscopy . 

Am really hopeing i can get back to my IVF treatment asap .

Thank you 

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Hey hun 

I had hysteroscopy and lap and dye in Nov 2015!! I had a GA for this procedure and a week off work after!! Not sure if this is just because I had a lap & dye also!! They should of told you all this at a pre op appointment!! Maybe ring them and discuss this with them what will be happening etc!!! Will update on transfer later I'll send you a message later today!! Ring them today and ask advice for procedure!!! Xx

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Thanks . Xx


is this procedure a camera? I would say you should be ok?  

If you were having a laparoscopy Then thats key hole and involves cutting so you would need recovery and a general.  

I know with a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) where they put they dye through your tubes that can be known to be a bit painful. I had mine done while under a general as i was having a laparoscopy anyway but i know you can have the HSG done without anesthetic. For the record I only had pain as I had some work done while he was there. x

i found this.NHS...

A hysteroscopy isn't usually carried out under anaesthetic, as it's a relatively quick procedure and doesn't involve making cuts (incisions) in your skin.

The procedure shouldn't be painful, although you may experience some discomfort, similar to period pain. Taking painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol about an hour beforehand can help reduce this.

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Thanks I've had the hsg test too. I've been reading online might stop as have found a lot of women say it was the worse pain they have felt 🙄 Guess I'll find out Tuesday x


Hello, I had hysteroscopy on the 24th of march (with endometrial scratch and cervical dilatation) I was on codein as a pain killer and was able to go next morning for our Easter break to Cornwall (4h drive, climbing, hiking ...) There was few times where it felt uncomfortable as I stopped the codein to early but generally it was OK.


Like inthe middleof it I had it along with scratch and cervical dilation. It was under GA so had rest of the day of work and was knackered but no more pain than dull period like cramps. You can't drive for 24hrs after GA so I worked from home the following day but really it was fine for me. Hope it is for you also. Xx 


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