Only 4 more weeks to wait now till my Laparoscopy/hysteroscopy, I am having the Laparoscopy to remove my remaining tube that is filled with fluid and a hysteroscopy to check inside my uterus/womb to check for anything that could prevent IVF from working, I have had 1 failed fresh IVF cycle and we still have 7 frozen since October so im looking forward to getting all my checks done and my tube removed before we implant the frozen blastocysts. All my blood tests are fine and I only have tubal factor infertility. I am turning 30 next week.

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  • That's great news not long to wait now. It's reassuring that they are doing everything in their power to help promote a successful outcome next time,and 7 frozen embryos to chose from wonderful :D you must be pleased. I hope everything goes well and hope u get a BFP soon. Good luck Hun keep me posted X x x

  • Hi good luck with your laparoscopy! I hope to have one soon also before Ivf. (Ive not had ivf but may need to have a tube removed). Ive had a laparoscopy before, its fine really, nothing to be worried about. quick recovery. make sure you have pain meds sorted though for the first week. best wishes! & for the ivf x

  • Hope everything goes okay good luck xxx

  • Not long... Looking forward to my 16week scan and your bfp!!! Lol x

  • Not long to wait now, keep us updated on how you get on. I too have a hydrosalpinx on the right as well as endometriosis, polycystic ovaries and adhesions from previous ops to remove large ovarian cysts and endo, I am in my first fresh 2ww now at age 28 and we go back to test this wed coming. I'm feeling quite negative at the minute that it may not have worked as I keep getting cramps etc. The hospital were happy for me to go ahead with the hydrosalpinx as may not cause any problems for me but I'm thinking of having it removed if this time doesn't work before we have any of our frozen ones put in. Il be following your journey and wish you all the best of luck with your op and hope you get your BFP soon xxx :)

  • Thanks everyone, Mikayla good luck with your outcome :) Mrsmarsh really happy you got where you wanted to be and I wish you a very happy pregnancy :).Jess1981 hi yes im pleased I got a few frozen as its reassuring I have some there while im waiting to go into hospital ect :) Tortoiseshell I wish you look with your up coming operation to remove your tube I will let you all know how I get on in the up coming weeks. xxx

  • hi Danielle, I had a lap last year I wrote this blog about what to pack how to prepare. Good luck.

  • Thanks for this link Mindful-Muma-to-be very helpful and thoughtful of you..

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