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Can we lose all 14 embryos by day 5?

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We had egg collection yesterday which we collected 20 eggs, clinic rang this morning to say 14 had firtilised possibly 2 more and we're booked in for transfer Saturday. Is it possible for it all to go wrong by then? Meaning none of the embryos will make it to day 5?

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I don’t know the answer Joanna but wanted to wish you well for Saturday. Sending hope and positivity your way x

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Joanna_ in reply to Leesara

Aww thank you! X

I would say it’s unlikely! That’s a great number!! Good luck x

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Joanna_ in reply to HelenJudi1

Thank you! X

Wow 14 is amazing. When I had my 1st transfer they called on day 2 to say that we should transfer on day 3 so I think they have an idea if they will want them in or if they feel they will get to blastocyst. If that makes sense.

Will you be freezing the rest? Xxx

Yeah that makes sense thanks...yeah if we lucky enough we will freeze them xx

20 eggs is amazing, 14 fertilising is incredible! You have a fantastic chance of getting to day 5 for a fresh transfer with hopefully a good number to freeze. My first round went from something like 12 eggs to 8 fertilising to only one fresh left day 5, round 2 was something like 13 eggs with 9 fertilising and 3 making it to day 5. Round 3 was 10 eggs collected, all 10 fertilising, and 7 making it to day 5! It took 4 of those 7 to get me pregnant. I’m now 33 weeks with 3 in the freezer. Have everything crossed for you with those really excellent numbers xxx

Hi Scarlett13 - I am having a similar issue with collecting 16-20 eggs ans fertiliIizing 10 but at the end only 1-2 embryos are growing beyond Day 3. Is there anything that has helped you improve over last few cycles? My clinic is unsure what the core issue is - whether egg quality or sperm related. We have done ICSI in both our cycles. Thanka

Hi Shivaya, same here, each round has only resulted in 2 blastocysts, despite getting 28 eggs round 1 (13 fertilized) and 9 eggs round 2 (7 fertilized) :(

Partners sperm is great, only 16% of it is fragmented on halo test, so it must be my eggs or something 😞

See my posts xxx

My son is almost 9 months old now so don’t lose hope! It only takes one! But I have to say that after the first 2 cycles, my embryos improved massively for round 3 - I read It starts with an egg and basically did everything it says to do to improve egg quality for the 2 months inbetween cycles so I guess that’s what helped. Ubiquinol, DHEA, melatonin, not using plastics, no nail varnish, no harsh body products, etc etc...x

Hi, Joanna. Sadly, this happened to us: 23 eggs collected, 15 fertilized, all deteriorated by day 3 and there was nothing good enough to put back or freeze. However, we were told that this is a very, very unusual thing to happen with that many eggs fertilized (they put it at a 1% chance). Unfortunately, we were that 1%. I think you have every reason to be optimistic and you have an excellent chance of success with 14 eggs fertilized. But I just wanted to share our atypical experience because I had no idea it could happen and I wish I’d known it was a possibility.

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Joanna_ in reply to cggregory

Thank u for your reply I just wanted to prepare myself just incase I guess but I feel prepared now I know it's a possibility x

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cggregory in reply to Joanna_

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you! ❤️

Ah wow thank you and congratulations! X

I had my embryo transfer today. We only had 3 eggs collected last Thursday and only 2 fertilised but when we went today they told us that our 2nd little embryo wouldn't survive freezing so it was no good. The one they have transferred was classed as top quality so fingers crossed. I want to wish you luck xx

Aw good luck! Xx

Wishing you all the luck in the world - first round we had 10 eggs which went to 6 then to 4 and we had 1 that made it to day 5 unfortunately I didn’t get that BFP but I’m on my second round IVF right now and back to the clinic this morning for scan! This time we are doing a more natural IVF but hoping to get the quality of eggs! You have got an amazing amount of eggs so don’t worry x good luck x

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Thank you so much! Good luck for your scan today! X

I had two eggs both fertilised both made it to day 3. I had the best one transferred on day 3 then they left the other to go on to day 5 but it didn’t make it 😟. However, we were lucky and our little day 3 embryo is now a little 18 month old boy ❤️ Xx

Aww thats lovely! X

Happy for you

Hi, it’s hard to say but I’d say you have a very good chance. My first round 14 eggs fertilised and 8 made it to day 5! My second round only 3 fertilised but all 3 made it to day 5 so it’s impossible to say but looks like you have a very good chance of a day 5 transfer :) best of luck xx

Hi Joanna I’m the same as you 24 eggs collected 15 mature and 9 fertilised my transfer is also on Saturday. Wishing you the best of luck.

But I do understand how you feel as I am also feeling the same. X

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Joanna_ in reply to Pondev

I'm so nervous my clinic dont do a day 3 call either

Good luck! X

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Pondev in reply to Joanna_

My clinic sends an email everyday to let us know how the eggs are doing. Just waiting for today’s to see how many have made day 2.

Good Luck. X

Hi Joanna! I had 33 eggs, 9 eggs were frozen without touching them, 16 fertilized, 9 made it to day 5 blastocysts and I did embryo testing and now they are in freezer. So now I have the dreaded wait to see if any are healthy...... Good luck I hope all goes perfectly for you!

Thanks for the much waiting! Good luck! X

Hey Joanna, so I only got 7 eggs collected and 5 fertilised but all 5 made it to blastocyst day 5! Good luck ❤️❤️

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Joanna_ in reply to Ttcbabymcg

That's hopeful thank you! X

Hi Joanna hoping the transfer went well on Saturday been thinking of u. X

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Joanna_ in reply to Pondev

Yes it went great thanks! We also got 7 in the freezer xx

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Cinderella5 in reply to Joanna_

Wow that's amazing, well done & good luck.xx

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Pondev in reply to Joanna_

Congrats that’s great numbers x

Hey Joanna, I hope everything went OK! We had 24 follicles, 16 collected, 9 mature, 3 fertilised and all 3 made it to blastocyst, chemical with the first but currently have our frostie warming up in my tummy. All the best. It only takes one ❤️🍀🤞 xxx

Hi it went great thanks we transfered one on saturday and we got 7 in the freezer...good luck with your little frostie xx

Highly unlikely. The concensus is about 50% usually become blastocysts of the total number of eggs collected. I had 20 eggs collected of which 17 fertilised ( one being a slow to fertilise probably a bad egg) and of that i had 8 grow to blastocysts from the 17 fertilised. 6 blastocysts at day 5 and 2 blastocysts at day 6. xx

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Joanna_ in reply to sunset212

Ah thanks for the reply we ended up with 8 blasts and now have a 8 month old little boy

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sunset212 in reply to Joanna_

Huge congratulations on your little boy, thats so lovely so pleased it was all worth it in the end xxx

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