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Update on ICSI cycle - EC & ET ✅


I had egg collection last Friday and they managed to collect 13 eggs. Of those, 10 were suitable for ICSI. This resulted in 7 embryos, which all survived until day 5 blastocyst. They put back in the best embryo (4cb), but unfortunately none of the rest were suitable for freezing - they rang on day 6. Last time I had the transfer on day 3 as we only had 2 embryos, so at least we have made it further than last time.

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Hi Kat80...... and that little one is back inside you where he/she belongs. Thinking of you. Diane

in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks Diane

Hi Kat, sending you baby dust. Good that it is back in now. When can you do your test? Good luck

in reply to kglass

Thanks. OTD is next Sunday.

Good luck Kat xxx

Good luck with your 2ww. Xx

Good luck for otd xx

Wishing you the best.

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