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Early pregnancy concerns


I'm almost 7 weeks pregnant and over the last 3 days I have lost any sytoms of pregnancy? I only had a little nausea but that's gone, the tiredness has gone and by boobs aren't nearly as sore as they were. Today I have slight cramp feeling as I do when I'm due my period. It's really worrying me and I don't know what do to. Does anyone have any advice?

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See if you can get in touch with your gp to refer you to your early pregnancy unit and rest as much as you possibly can.

I can't advise you on the lost symptoms but the cramping is normal. You will get a lot of cramps, aches and twinges as everything begins to stretch and grow to accommodate your baby in there. Unless the pain is severe (and you'll know if it is) and/or accompanied by bleeding then try not to worry about that bit. I hope someone else can put your mind at rest re; loss of symptoms xx

I am just ten weeks and I have cramps a lot. I haven't had any pregnancy nausea at all. Ring your GP or the early pregnancy unit and they can offer you some reassurance and advice. Xxxx

I have been told that it's normal for pregnancy symptoms to come and ago & at the same time cramps too are caused when our body is adjusting to make room for pregnancy. Don't worry you will be alright.

AmbK in reply to mupcake

I've heard the same. But women I've talked to tend to either have symptoms or none at all. I never had any. Though I'm sure there is much beyond what I know. Anyway it's not worth the panic - agree on that completely. But being pregnant makes one 10 times cautious. Everyone is right about it - I guess an early scan will be a fair decision at this point.

Personally I wouldn't go and get checked out, as it's perfectly normal at that stage to have symptoms come and go. I had days where I felt normal and worried to wake up the next day feeling sick. I know lots of ladies who were the same! X

I had no symptoms at all apart from tiredness which came and went. Had full on aches and pains like a period was coming in the beginning and then round ligament pain which felt like stabbing pains In the groin area.

Its tough in the beginning with no indication of what's going on. Maybe a private scan might make you worry less? The early ones are about £60 odd.

mupcake in reply to emmab178

I feel like I m experiencing every bit you just mentioned. How long you experienced these? I hope it should ease out soon and I can believe this pregnancy is real. No matter how much you tell yourself that it's ok but you feel scared about it at the same time.😜😊

Shohart in reply to mupcake

Well the symptoms went away 3 days ago and cramping started today. Feel really worried but trying to tell myself it's ok.

Its an anxious time.

The period type pains were about the half of the first trimester. The stabbing pains come and go and I'm 28 weeks now. Mentioned it to my midwife and she was just like 'stretching ' all normal.

Thanks for all the replies. I'm trying to tell myself it's ok but it's hard not to be concerned...

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Shohart

Hi Shohart. So sorry to hear that you are understandably worried. Not too sure whether you have had your first scan yet, but if you have and all was well, I would be reassured by that. If not, you should be having one soon. Keep up with your progesterone pessaries if you have been prescribed them, and just have a rest when you can. I have had many ladies whose symptoms disappeared after a few weeks, it happens. Take care and I shall be thinking of you. Diane

If you have a look at my posts huni I was worried about the same thing! It's can be a really worrying time when you feel like symptoms have disappeared but I can assure you it is totally normal like the other ladies have said at one point around 7.5/8 weeks I lost all symptoms for a week and tbh I did get myself in a right state 🙈 I honestly think it's normal but if you are worried to Contact a professional have you had an early scan? Xxx

Not sure about losing symptoms, but I've had none till 8th week. Also, cramps are normal throughout the gestation as long as you don't bleed more than a little spotting. So be prepared to have them more often as the embie grows. I wouldn't worry about the losing symptoms really. However, you can definitely call your GP and find your comfort - it's important that you stay relaxed both physically and mentally for the greater good of the baby.

I paid for a private scan at 7 weeks 5 days it was offered on a Groupon deal was about £39 or £49 so not expensive they were really good saw a heartbeat and got pictures might be worth looking into they fit me in really quickly too xx

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