Bleeding in early pregnancy

Hi everyone, I know this is talked about a lot but I'm driving myself a bit insane at the moment. I was in my 2ww and had spotting and then the day before test day I have bleeding a bit like a period, no clots or anything but definitely enough to be using pads I was convinced that it was game over but did the test the next day anyway and as a complete surprise to me it was positive!! I was so incredibly shocked. I had the blood test at the clinic and yes indeed I was pregnant with a hcg of 189.50 I think it was. It's now 3days after this and although I'm still bleeding a bit when I go to the toilet it has got considerably lighter. Having had a miscarriage last time (I must say this has not been like the miscarriage as I had 2 very big bleeds) it's making me very nervous and I can't relax as I feel something maybe wrong. I have the pregnancy symptoms e.g. Feel sick, back ache, boobs sore but I keep thinking that I know you can have these symptoms for a while after miscarrying. I've been going to acupuncture and she's been telling me to rest and lie down which I am trying to do but it's hard when you have to work as well. The clinic said to contact them if the bleeding gets heavier, has clots and if there is pain. They also said for peace of mind I could do a home test again in 10 days time otherwise the scan is 29th Dec. I am literally going out of my mind and keep googling symptoms etc. Keep reading lots of negative things about bleeding in pregnancy not ending well it's actually not helping and I should just stop googling but it's so hard not to when you don't know what's going on. I remember my Mum saying years ago that she bled when she was pregnant with me throughout her pregnancy so I do keep thinking about that. Can anyone relate to this? My head literally is all over the place which is not helpful for trying to be relaxed! Xx

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  • Hi yllek1982. Of course this is so worrying for you after having suffered a miscarriage. It’s good to hear that the blood loss is becoming lighter, which is very encouraging. You will always notice any loss more after lying down, when the blood “puddles”, coming out when you stand. Although we often don’t know why this happens - and it is all too common, some thoughts are turning to the fact that it can be due to the placenta forming. It’s not there to start off with, it’s called a chorionic villi. I would be reassured that as the loss is now much less, it should all soon settle down. No heavy lifting and do have a rest when you can. All the best for the rest of your pregnancy. Diane

  • Thank you so much Diane. I'm resting as much as I can. I teach from home and things are starting to stop for Christmas which is allowing me more time to just stop and rest thank goodness. Your advice has really helped and will hopefully make me stop and think a bit more and not think the worst all of the time. I really appreciate you replying thank you x

  • My pleasure! Thinking of you. Diane

  • I did wonder as I have fibroids /Adenomyosis if that would have anything to do with the bleeding at all. Just a thought

  • Hi yllek1982. It could well be. Fibroids do tend to grow a little during pregnancy, but shouldn’t be a problem, just the occasional early bleeding. They should eventually settle down. Diane

  • From what lve read IVF pregnancies commonly bleed in first trimester and have happy outcomes. Take care of yourself and rest as much as possible. 😊

  • Thanks so much Elynn. Due to the miscarriage last time it's making my mind go into overdrive that the same thing could happen again and the bleeding is adding to that fear I think. The bleeding has slowed down and is only upon wiping now (soz for tmi). I am trying to keep as still as possible lol! Paperwork for me today which involves limited movement. Xx

  • Sending you lots of good wishes Yllek. That's good news that the bleeding has slowed down a lot - hopefully it will stop very soon. Take good care of yourself and best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy xx

  • Thank you xx

  • I have bled with both of my pregnancy and not just light bleeding! Some very heavy and bright red, very scary but all has always been fine :) bleeding is soooo common!! I know it's scary but it's probably little one getting snug 😊 Xx

  • Thanks so much for your message- so good to hear a positive story about bleeding in early pregnancy. It's playing on my mind all of the time. It's literally just spotting now when I go to the loo and wipe-soz for tmi. Xx

  • Sounds like just implantation bleeding then Hun x great news :) xx

  • I'm hoping and praying it is. I had spotting for about 4 days then like a first day of a period for nearly 2 days and now it's just the spotting mixed in also with crinone gel occasionally. I am actually feeling so sick now though which I am hoping is a good sign, this whole thing just plays with your mind constantly. I've been taking it easy today and yesterday in order to hopefully let things do their thing. So lucky to have this forum I think I would be going even more crazy without it xx

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