Diagnosed pcos and inofolic

Diagnosed pcos and inofolic

Hi guys, so we have been diagnosed as having pcos (or at least I have) the doctor at fertility clinic thought we knew already which was disappointing but heyho.

We will be doing the short protocol and doc says we will be done by Christmas.

She gave us info for me to start taking inofolic, any one else took this before and found it helpful?

Any advice for us as we have just found this out and anyone with experience in this that could offer advice would be great


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  • I'm taking it. I found my clinic charged more than the website (so then I ordered it direct from inofolic). I still found it expensive and I didn't feel any different. I started it in September and switched to just taking myo inositol and folic acid, because they're basically all that inofolic is if you check the ingredients and it's so much cheaper this way xx ps my clinic told me I should take it

  • I just started taking myo-inositol last month so not sure it's done anything. I bought mine from Natures Best online. My acupuncturist recommended the brand as they have a good reputation for quality supplements. I take folic acid separate as part of a multi vitamin.

  • I was recommended it in June but only because I asked about DHEA. Our consultant said it had no side effects (which it didn't). As for working, I'm not sure - we did our 2nd cycle before the recommended 3 months & got a very poor result. It's worth a try but I've now started taking DHEA in preparation for the 3rd cycle. x

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