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Hi, we did self funded IVF at the end of April, unfortunately due to them being unable to get to my right ovary which had four folicals (left had none) they did IUI instead. Like everyone I had the dreaded two week wait, which unfortunately was negative we were obviously mortified.

We can't risk doing IVF again in case the same thing happens again. The consultant has said there might be a better chance with donor eggs but that isn't really an option.

How long do people find it takes for them to feel back to there normal self? It took me a while to get back to being me. Has anyone found that the medications has really knocked there confidence and affected there eye sight?

I have really good days when everything is going really well and then I have others when things just don't go right and lack confidence and wish the IVF had worked.

How long have people taken to accept that they are going not going to be parents?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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I just got a negative on friday confirmed on sunday past and i feel like i've no confidence and very vulnerable even anxious. Never expected any if this. I am hoping i return to myself quickly.

We mustn't be the only two feeling this way. I thought it was just me.

Hope you feel more like yourself soon x


I haven't been through IVF yet but if the feeling from the natural appearance of af every month of trying is anything to go by then I understand a little. For me it's like a feeling of failure & a bit of despair . I am mentally preparing in case IVF doesn't work and have already told myself that doesn't necessarily mean the end as a natural bfp might come in the future. Have you tried any drugs? I feel that IVF is given almost like option 1 when in fact I have read things about dhea, clomid & progesterone cream that can help sort out underlying issues. It can be all consuming though so at some point I guess you have to 'accept' as you say. I think some relief will come from that too so guess it's just finding peace with it. all the best X


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