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Advice please - Natural FET?

Thank you all for your kind words, I will shortly be invited back to the clinic to discuss my miscarriage and the medicated FET And I would like to make sure i am properly informed before I have this discussion. I have recently learnt of the Natural FET and I wonder why this wasn't discussed with me at the clinic? I over stimulate and have a high level of hormones, my periods are regular at 28 days and I've never had any issues with womb lining etc. Given that in the past I have reacted so badly to stimulants would I not be the perfect candidate for a Natural FET (rather than medicated)? Can anybody provide any insight into why this was never put to me as an option? I found the drugs very invasive and they certainly prolonged the cycle (we started in May!) - I'm baffled!!!! Any advice/experience sharing is greatly received! Xx

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Hi Lauren, could be as simple as your clinic doesn't offer it, I have a satellite clinic and got to chose which other clinic to have my proceduresat. I was told I should pick based of the FET they offer as they differ from place to place? Worth an ask as I also would want a natural cycle. Good luck on your next step x


My fet is to be in between! No down reg or injections, but will take oestrogen and progesterone tablets to help lining. They gave me option of both but couldn't see any benefit to down reg as I struggle with side effects. They said as long as cycles regular it doesn't make much difference. X


Hi Lauren I am about to go for our natural FET for the second time and I would choose a natural over a stimulated definitely. It's always been an option at our clinic and as long as your periods are regular and they are happy you ovulate then they say a natural is just as good as stimulated! Which makes sense and also you don't mess with your body or have to wait for drugs to be out of your system etc. I would def ask your clinic about it, it's less work and cost because all you do is ovulation testing at home and then when you get your peak you ring the clinic and then 5/6 days later go for transfer, then take a test 12 days later.

Good luck Hun

They are also much less stressful which can only be a good thing!!

Lou X


Hi Lauren87. All down to clinic choice. They have their criteria as to how to treat everyone, then often think differently if a cycle is unsuccessful. From what you have described you seem to be a good candidate for natural FET, so fingers crossed you have a happier ending next time. Thinking of you. Diane


Thanks ladies, I will discuss this with the clinic but sounds perfect for what I need. Ive suffered some nasty side effects to the stimulants too so would rather not have to go through a medicated cycle again. I have to say I am a little dissapointed with the clinic. When I was having the miscarriage the emergency doctors mobile was turned off and so I had to revert to NHS 111. I was then told 2 days later 'not to worry' about a high temperature, I was subsequently referred to the early pregnancy unit when I raised it again the next day and it was diagnosed as an infection in the tissue left behind from the miscarriage - that was a week and a half ago and I have yet to recieve one telephone call from the clinic to check on my medical situation, to see if my husband and I are coping with the miscarriage, need to use the counselling service or to discuss what happens next. The miscarriage occureed whilst under their care and to be honest it feels like they've washed their hands of us now the cycle has failed, Im incredibly dissapointed. xxx


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