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Acupuncture or Reflexology?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

What do u think will help more?

I don't seem to have a problem with producing eggs as my last round of IVF I produced 30 but none fertilised x I just wanna make sure it implants this time with icsi so want my lining to be ready x having the endo scratch next week x

Thanks x

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I'm having both. The reflexology seems to have a more immediate relaxing effect and the acupuncture works well at making me feel less emotionally wobbly. Probably best to try them and see which you prefer. I'm having acupuncture on Thursday to try to help the implantation.


I was wondering what one to go for when it comes to my cycle. I've had both in the past (acupuncture when ttc naturally and reflexology in Asia). I always sleep well after both. In fact it amazes me how tired I can feel after acupuncture! I agree with pm27 in terms of experience of each and when it comes to my cycle I think I'll try both too!

Good luck x


I'm glad you asked as wondered about this too. I'd like to do both but not sure I have enough time / money especially as my 1st ivf cycle will be private. I opted for reflexology in the end and went along today, it felt beneficial and I'll be going back for more. She was knowledgeable about fertility issues which was reassuring. I suspect acupuncture and reflexology do similar things. It's worth a try!


If you're having Reflexology I'd suggest looking for a Reproreflexology practitioner. It's a Reflexology technique that is designed to work with your body to support fertility issues and assisted reproductive techniques and seems to have a higher than normal success rate.


Thanks for the repro-reflexology tip, I'll look into that.


Thanks everyone x I still do t I I which to hav x wish I had the time n money to hav both tho x with reflexology tho would it be beneficial for me as my problem is not with producing eggs etc we think the problem with us is my husbands speem which is why this time we are having icsi x I'm having accupunture to help the lining of the womb and implantation when the embryo goes back In x MEH x such a hard decsision x I really want it to work this time don't think I can go theu another failed attempt xxx


I had both prior to starting ivf.

Nothing during down regging, but during stimming/pre collection I had acupuncture about 3 times and on the day of transfer I had it before and after.

I notice you are having the endo scratch, do your clinic offer embryo glue? Our clinic do it as part of the normal procedure x


Embryo glue? I've never heard of it but I'll defo be asking? How did u find acupuncture? Has it helped and best of it did it work x hav u got ur BFP or r u still in the TWW xxxx


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