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Acupuncture and reflexology



Sorry it’s me again but would appreciate any feedback.

I will be starting my frozen transfer in a couple of months and looking at things that may help me get that BFP.

My diet is pretty good, I hardly drink alcohol. My exercise isn’t great but not terrible. My BMI is within normal range and I do have endometriosis and general anxiety.

wondered if people have tried both of these or either and thought it helped them get a BFP or thought it didn’t make any difference or caused them to get a BFN?

Thank you :) xx

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I haven't got my BFP yet. Our first cycle is starting in about a month. I've been doing reflexology since Jan and this month had acupuncture instead. Find redlexofy very relaxing. Acupuncture is too but in a different way, can't quite explain it. both have brought ovulation forward by about 5 days to CD 14. I'd advise go with whatever you find most relaxing and go with someone who specialises in fertility reflexology/Acupuncture. All the best :) xx

Thank you for the advice and sharing your experience. It’s helped a lot :) xx

More than welcome. If you have any questions then feel free to message :) xx


I had acupuncture twice during stims and then a few days after transfer.

My OTD is Thursday, so I'm not sure if it's helped yet 🤞, but I always felt much calmer afterwards which was nice after feeling quite anxious and stressed with the treatment.


Thank you for sharing your experience. 🤞🏻 You get a BFP. X


I’ve been having acupuncture for a couple of months now I started in preparation for a FET cycle after failing to down regulate (lining did not thin) I looked for help to avoid this happening again.

In short it has not helped me get a BFP yet but has helped in some ways..I’m definitely more relaxed, my periods are heavier and painless, I did down regulate last time with her help and my lining thickened up nicely. I had acupuncture 24 hours post transfer and I think it then did implant but did not progress.

I will be continuing with acupuncture for now. She says there is most benefit for a fresh cycle and likes to start working with you 3 months before a cycle x

My Friend had secondary infertility and also has endo but she had a laparoscopy and went to reflexology and yoga and got a bfp. She swears by reflexology. Hope this helps, Jen x 💕

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I went to yoga and found that helped me also.

My friend did 2 cycles of IVF one with her OE which ended in BFN and one with DE and she now has a beautiful daughter she highly recommends reflexology. Good luck! x

Hi there

I had acupuncture whilst trying to conceive naturally but we then found out the issue was with DH. My first fresh cycle I didn’t do acupuncture and I got a BFN. My third fresh cycle (second was cancelled halfway through) I did acupuncture and we got a BFP and now have 14 month old twin girls with two frozen in storage.

Looking to book a FET later this year and I think I would definately do acupuncture again.

Good luck. Xx

I’ve just started reflexology, had a couple of sessions so far. I’m on clomid and it shortened my period to only 4 days. Reflexology has helped it get to 5 days again which is meant to be much better. It’s so strange as when I have reflexology it makes me need a wee as soon as she is half way through!! So it definitely does something and apparently that’s the increased blood flow. I also found reflexology helpful for my anxiety but agree you need to find a reflexologist who specialises in fertility.

I haven’t done acupuncture yet but may give it a go. Heard lots of good stories about that too xx

Acupuncture and mesotherapy treatment to ovaries have worked out for a few friends of mine and my sis

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