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Acupuncture or Reflexology


Hi all - I am looking into trying acupuncture or reflexology to support the fertility treatment I am having (currently 5th month of chlomide) anyone had any experience or have a recommendation for either? Thanks xxx

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I'm doing acupuncture, if nothing else it helps me to relax


I have Acupunture and I love it x

I've done both, reflexology seems to have a more immediate effect and acupuncture seems to have a more cumulative effect. I prefer the lady who does the reflexology, if I close my eyes the reflexology lady doesn't talk to me and that works better for me. Best to try them and see what suits you best.

Hi, I'm currently having weekly acupuncture. I've only had 3 sessions so the jury is out on whether it'll work for fertility, but I have found it has already had an impact on reducing my stress levels and helping me relax.

Each week the acupuncturist asks where I am on my cycle and puts the needles in different places - so in week 1 it's to clear out all the old blood, in week 2 it's to help build strong follicles and in week three it's to thicken the womb lining and encourage implantation.

I personally really enjoy it and would def give it a go. Good luck x


I had reflexology when on clomid when I wasn't ovulating but after a session I ovulated straight away. It may have been a coincidence. The points the lady pressed did direct to health problems I have.

I had acupuncture for ivf 2nd round and sceptical at first but after the first session I was hooked. Even if it only relaxed me, I was happy with that. I could feel the effects wear off from each session before I started the next.

I did both for 3 rounds of clomid. Acupuncture wasn't my favourite, its quite clinical and I'm not keen on needles, tho there is obviously a lot of research to say it helps. The only physical difference I noticed was that it made my stomach gurgle during the treatment. Reflexology I love, its so relaxing, I've fallen asleep during sessions before. We've only just started ivf late last week and I had to decide what to continue as I am short of money. Both practitioners would like to see me regularly throughout the treatment. I decided to focus on reflexology but have one acupuncture treatment pre transfer and one post transfer. We'll see how it goes!

I had acupuncture during my round of IVF. I've no idea whether it made a difference to the outcome but I enjoyed it and found it very relaxing x


I'm also quite new to acupuncture, have had about 5 sessions so fair. Not sure if it has worked as I am on my 2ww!! It is quite expensive though, about £40 - £45 a session, 1st initial session £50. I don't relax very easily either so have not noticed that! Don't think I could do reflexology as I've got tickilish feet! Good luck with whatever you try x

Tried both. Reflexology years ago but I'm ridiculously ticklish (ever heard of a beauty therapist who hates pedicures lol) pm didn't enjoy it, but the woman who I worked with picked up on my previous early losses, I was amazed to say the least!

Been having acupuncture with OH for about 3.5 months after our daughter died, mainly to help sleep and anxiety with the grief. I don't find it as relaxing as OH, he'll often fall asleep, calls it his planned nap lol. She has been trialling the needles in his lower stomach after consultation with another practitioner, almost the same as for myself directing over the womb and ovaries area, there is some evidence to suggest the same areas can improve male fertility. He's only ever felt relaxed, but he's now getting grumblings in his stomach, and a warm sensation through his groin area. Can only assume it's increasing blood flow to the area also. Honestly, I doubt it will help OH, but who knows!

I have no idea if it's working, but she's also done acupuncture on my ears with magnets/pins. I've never felt so calm in all my life and really miss it if she doesn't do it so ask for that every session now. Could be complete coincidence, but my cycle is massively improved since starting. I don't have any fertility issues, but always had very heavy, long and painful periods since I was very young. Obviously it could just be after giving birth, was told years ago having a child would alleviate my symptoms, but I don't know. All I know that this is the first time I've not needed prescription strength medication for 5 days every cycle for well over a decade. If you can afford it, worth a go. I'm almost scared to stop in case it is making a difference lol. Good luck xx

Thanks for all

Your comments it's been very helpful ☺️

Hiya, I did acupuncture on my last cycle and even though it failed, I managed to collect 25 eggs and have 10 frozen! (previous cycle, NONE without acupuncture).

I believe this was helped by acupuncture throughout. I got my BFP last week, having had acupuncture too. Even if it hasn't been been the direct reason for these positive outcomes, it helped me relax and feel good. That is one of the most important things in the whole rollercoaster journey of IVF!

Good luck x

Just an update Mrsdurbs - after my first full cycle getting weekly acupuncture I'm now pregnant. It was our 18th month trying and the only things that were different were I'd just had a hycosy and the acupuncture. Could just be a coincidence but you never know! X

Ahhh that's fab news - congrats 🎉 I have started acupuncture fingers crossed for us xxxx

Hi, I did acupuncture throughout - including pre and post transfer. I believe it helped me get a good yield of 25 eggs! 8 now frozen...and I'm currently 9 weeks pregnant!

The key thing is that if it helps you relax, then do it.

Good luck xx

Favours news! Wonderful

To hear these positive stories 25 eggs wow!!

I have started acupuncture - had first session last week - got my second on Friday - then after Xmas will go once a week ☺️

Thanks to everyone who got back to me much appreciated xxxxx

Hi I'm an acupuncturist and I have helped 3 ladies conceive xx

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