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Reflexology or acupuncture?


Morning all,

I’ve got my head in a positive space at the moment for what may lie ahead (who knows how long this positivity will last)!

Been doing some research and came across reflexology and acupuncture for fertility... does anyone have any experience of trying either of these before or during treatment?

I haven’t done either before but willing to give it a go if it may help! 🤞

Wishing you all a happy Sunday xx

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Hi i have been having reflexology i have found it has helped me in different ways its relaxed me I've slept better its helped get rid of aches and pains im on my injections now so i won't be having anymore now but i had 4 treatments leading up to starting ivf i had one a week

Thank you! Good to know there are other benefits as well. Best of luck with your IVF round x

Hi, I’ve had acupuncture for two cycles but I don’t enjoy it so find it quite stressful going defeating the object. I now have reflexology. I find this amazing. So relaxing and beneficial for my stress levels and general well being. I am having it throughout my cycle as the lady is specialist in fertility reflexology. X

I’m not sold on the idea of needles being stuck in me for ‘relaxing’ purposes! Think reflexology may have the edge! Good luck xx


I've been having reflexology since January. I have two a month which take place between cycle day 1 and before ovulation. I find it so relaxing and since starting it it's brought my ovulation date forward to about CD 14 (before,I always ovulated around CD 18/19). The lady I see specialises in fertility reflexology.

I've also heard good things about acupuncture but I've never tried this.

Hope you find something that suits you :) xx

Thank you! Amazing to hear the positive results it can have. Wishing you lots of luck on your journey xx

Thank you :)same to you too xx

I’ve had reflexology and I think it helped get my cycles back to normal after failed IVF, sadly hasn’t given me a positive result and after spending quite a bit of money on it think I’ll leave it for my next FET xx

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Wishing you lots of luck on your next FET xx

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Thanks xx

I had acupuncture this time and found it really helped to relax and destress me. I got a positive x

Congratulations 😊

Did you find acupuncture painful at all? X

No not all all, the needles are so fine x


Hi I started having acupuncture about 8 weeks ago in preparation for our FET. I failed to down regulate on my last cycle so i decided to try acupuncture to see if it would help. It has really helped me to relax, she gives good advice and it’s good to have somebody who isn’t from the clinic to speak to. It isn’t painful and I always sleep really well after a session. I down regulated this time with her help and my lining has thickened back up (no idea if this would have happened anyway!) no success stories as yet but 🤞🤞 x

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Thanks for the advice and great to hear it is working for you. Fingers crossed for your FET X

Hi, I did reflexology leading up to my most recent cycle and it really relaxed me. It’s also a space where you can let go of worries and anxieties, and drift off to sleep! I also had acupuncture and my lady did shiatsu massage alongside the needles. It was going well until quite a painful session where I lost my confidence and then I changed over to just shiatsu massage, which my acupuncturist said has the same effect as it used the same pressure points. Overall I found reflexology more relaxing. However my most recent cycle worked and that’s the only cycle that I had acupuncture! Try them both and choose what’s best for you. I also found that prices really fluctuate depending on where you go, so shop around! Good luck with everything x

Thank you for the advice - really useful to hear your experience and congratulations 😊 x

I’ve had both acupuncture and reflexology throughout IUI and IVF. I was fortunate to find both practitioners specialise in fertility. They’ve actually been more helpful with support and information than the clinic! I find that reflexology is very good for relaxation. Acupuncture feels more ‘medical’ although she does a Reiki session at the end, which is nice. I’ve also learnt Reiki and self-treat - I did it as I had my ET and it was lovely 🙏🏼🥰.

Do whatever works best for you. If it doesn’t feel ‘right’ don’t do it xx

Thank you for the advice, much appreciated. Just read your post of top 10 fertility cliches... oh how true 😂 xx

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