Slow growing follies

Hi all,

I know there are a couple of ladies at a similar stage as me. I have been injecting for a week and had two scans now I have 11 follicles altogether ATM but was told they are growing slowly so depending on how scan goes Friday I may have to have more Menopur and Cetrorelix me be rescanned Monday ; which was original ec day.

I'm not worried as it was made clear to us that all women respond differently to drugs.

Had anyone else had this ?

Thank you to all for still sharing... I read everyday.


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  • Yes my dosage was increased and i had to inject for two additional days. Ended up with 5 eggs and 2 fertilised.

  • Yes, I had slow response on the first few scans, even with the strongest of Gonal F dose, but they did have a growth spurt a bit later and I ended up with 8 or 9 eggs, 6 fertilised, 5 blasto, = 1 baby...

    So hopefully things will improve for you. Let us know how it goes xx

  • My dosage was increased after the second scan. Also had an extra shot on the day of the last scan and also the follicles grow a bit with the trigger aswell.

  • Yes nothing to worry about! I was a slow responder with both my cycles, trust them they will get you there 😊Slow and steady! I had another 3 days on menopur . Good luck x

  • Thank you all. Biggest 15 and smallest 7 at the moment but 5 days to go until original etc day. Thanks for the reassurance 😘

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