Day 11 of stims follies not growing

Hi everyone

I'm on my 1st icsi cycle doing short protocol and was wondering if anyone had experienced the same? I'm on day 11 of stims and have 10 but they're mostly in the 8-10 range with 1 a 18 and the smallest a 7. They doubled my meds 2 days ago but it seems to have had no impact. I have another scan booked on Monday but the nurse said if no improvement by then the best decision is to abandon. Really worried now that I won't respond at all

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  • Try kept me going for longer and it worked. They got 10 eggs. x

  • Hi thanks for the reply. I think I'm just so worried because there has been no improvement. It's all just a waiting game this but being my first go I had no idea how hard it would be

  • I know. The only thing you can do really is to put your faith in them as they know more than we do. Good luck. x

  • I was quite similar- they increased slowly from 100-175 iu of Gonal f injections over 10 days... And I had lots of follicle and some larger ones growing. Then they upped to 250 Gonal f and over the weekend I suddenly had massive growth. Often it can pick up towards the end.

    I wouldn't worry unnecessarily - like Mrs C says - they know what they're doing for the most part. Have your hormones been ok- any reason why they're not jumping up the dose?

  • I've been on merional 150 but they've upped to 300. I asked why I wasn't responding and her reply was I have no idea. Apparently my bloods are fine my ovaries are fine etc. I must be immune 😂😂 feeling a bit better today it won't keep me down for long x

  • Well I got the news this morning that I knew was coming. It's been abandoned... No follies above 11 as the one big one I had has disappeared. So gutted but getting used to the disappointment now.

  • Honestly you will get there. I had the same. Second time I was put on the highest dose. Had 17 mature eggs. All fertilized. Lots in the freezer and now pregnant. But my god I remember the kick in the teeth when I had first cycle cancelled. You just don't expect it. Xx

  • What is the highest dose? In the end I was on 300 merional but still no growth at all.

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