Clinics in the Midlands /time between fresh cycles

Hi - if anyone has experiences, good or bad, of clinics around the Midlands please PM me.

Just completed one failed icsi self funded at Bham women's but their wait to start again will be v.long and I think I might have low reserve so don't think we have the luxury of hanging around.

What tends to be recommended time to wait between fresh cycles?

Thanks in advance! Xx

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  • I'm currently going through my First cycle, after being refered from Birmingham hospital to Coventry Walsgrave hospital, so far so good. X

  • Do they do self funding at Coventry Walsgrove? Was it Bham womens who referred you? Xx

  • Yes they do both nhs & private. I was under Solihull hospital originally & then referred to walsgrave x

  • Thank you

  • Hi Gemz29 - how did you find things at CRM Coventry then? Which pathway did you choose - self-funded, NHS or private?

  • Hi mine was nhs however I don't rate the hospital at all, lack of info all the way through x

  • Did you try to get more info? If so, how did you communicate with the staff (email, telephone?). What info would you have preferred to have to make it better for you? Any recommendation for a Dr?

  • My clinic say three bleeds between rounds as a general rule. I'm happy with my clinic. I'll pm you who we go to xx

  • Sorry does that include the bleed from failed cycle? Xx

  • I counted that one as one bleed xx

  • Thank you xx

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