Help! Can I take menopur a bit earlier than usual time?

Hey ladies, I'm off out with the Girls tonight for dinner and cinema and take my shots at 9pm , I've been told to double the dose so need to do 2 injections, I really don't want to do this whilst I'm out, do you think I'll be ok doing them now before I head out instead of at the usual time of 9, I was told they need to be done between 7-22 but try and do them at the same time. Not sure what to do ! Help! X

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  • I saw a nurse yesterday as starting my Menopur injections this eve. She said it is good to be around the same time but did say it can be an hour or two different from the previous day. I would defo do it now rather than when your out.xx

  • Thanks Hun I did it s bit earlier, I'm sure it won't matter x

  • When I was on Menopur the nurse at my clinic said they tell everyone to take it at the same time as otherwise people go too far, and take it at all random times, but had as long as you are taking it at roughly the same time of day it doesn't matter if you are 3 hours earlier or later even. So I wasn't strict about what time I took mine - sometimes I would get home late and would take it at around 9, sometimes I would be home on time and would take it a t 7 - it didn't do my cycle any harm. So

    I'm sure taking it at a different time last night was totally fine. X

  • Thanks Hun, I took them a couple of hours earlier than usual , I'm sure I'll be fine xx

  • I did one of my menopur injections late and all was fine. A couple of hours is ok xx

  • Thanks Hun x

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