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Shall I take time off work?

Hi everyone, I'm preparing myself mentally for IVF. We've already decided that it would be good for me to take time off work after the egg collection and the embryo transfer (it shouldn't be an issue with my employer) . I'm wondering if I would need to take time off when going through the treatment. Do you think resting and avoiding work related stress help? Do you feel it is better to lead a normal life and go to work everyday? I would be happy to have your thoughts on this.

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I went off for three weeks for me personally was the best thing as my work so stressful and no guilt or blame from me in relation to that aspect now after our bfn. I would do the same again in a heartbeat but I guess it totally depends on what you think is right for you ..so much luck to you both xxx


Unlike Vic77 I only had the days between EC and Transfer, and really wish now that I had the opportunity to take longer. Much more physically and emotionally draining than I expected. Also, you never know how you're going to react afterwards...I had moderate OHSS which made me feel rubbish.

My advice would be to take time off, especially for EC and after, but also the week before if you can, just because there are so many appointments.

Good luck x

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Everyone responds differently to treatment and everyone gets different side effects I guess. I chose to work through injections and this was OK for me. I spoke with my manager and made her aware of the situation and I was put on light duties. I have taken time off from egg collection and won't be returning to work until a few days after test date. So roughly I'll have had 3 weeks off.

Like vic my job is quite stressful and also workload can be quite heavy. I also felt that I'd blame my work if I went and it wasn't successful so I feel this way I'm giving myself the best possible chance and won't blame anything if I don't get a BFP.

Good luck with your treatment xxx

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Think it depends how stressful your job is. You only really need a day off for egg collection and at least 48 hours after transfer. I preferred to be busy but everyone's different. Good luck!!xx


Hi lou6

Hope your okay ☺️

I was the same as you when I first started I had loads of questions (tbh I still do)

But I spoke to my nurse and she told me try and lead just a normal life after egg collection she told me to take the full week off just to relax and process what's happening but she said I could still go for walks do my cleaning etc like light exercise nothing major! So I personally would just say slow down a bit but don't stop if you think when you finally are blessed with a little baby in your tummy you will be still working etc for an amount of time before he or she arrives!!

Have you been told what kind of IVF you are having?



Hi ladies, thank you so much for your pieces of advice and kind words. I'll give it a good thought and see how I feel (physically and emotionally) nearer the time. CH91 - It will be ICSI.


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