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Going back

Well we decided to go back for another try

We had amazing luck last time on the NHS and fell pregnant first time but it wasn't ment to be and lost our lovely boy at 19 weeks last May , I have phoned the clinic and now we have to pay , I will be 41 and I am hoping not to have to pay for all the tests to be done again as we don't have endless amounts of cash ! Anyone have any advice or info for me to prepare for and what to ask


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I don't but I just want to say sorry for your loss and good luck for your next round xx

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I am not sure you have to pay, I have had 1 round of private treatment and I just showed the results from the NHS tests - I was told back in May that I wouldn't be seen by NHS team until September so we took the plunge and paid..

good luck, hope it goes well this time


Sorry for your loss!! When I moved from NHS to private I paid about £50 for all my notes and test results. However when I got to the private clinic a lot where out of date and had to be redone but your GP might be able to do some of them to save money xxx


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