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Well today I have gone back on the DHEA for 12 weeks before we have one last cycle (self funding) using my own eggs. Last time I only took it for 4 weeks and had a massive improvement, so going to take it for a full 3 months then do one last cycle. If this fails we have found a clinic abroad we like to use DE. Feeling excited again now we have a plan in place xxx

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  • Hopefully DHEA will back a big difference.

    Enjoy your holiday.

  • Wishing you good health and happiness in the run up to your next cycle x x x

  • Aw I feel for you also in this situation but would love a cycle buddy the whole process just drains me, but we have to be in it to win it as they say.

    If my 2nd cycle had failed I would happily move on to DE but the fact it didn't has given us that glimmer of hope so don't want to regret not having one more go, and we are lucky we are in a financial position to try xx

  • Good luck for your next round button 123 praying this one brings you your miracle we are also preparing for our FET xxxx

  • Good Luck for you too X

  • Good luck lovely, I really admire how positive you always are and you're always so supportive of the rest of us on here. You so deserve your little miracle and I wish you all the strength, determination and lots of luck and baby dust too. Here's to a happy healthy cycle full of positives and smiles πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ xxx

  • Thanks. Not long now until your OTD xxx

  • Good luck

  • Good Luck Button. This is a nice positive post to read. I hope and pray that it all workd out for you this time, but good to see you have a plan B. DE is definately something I would do as well if all my cycles fail. Good luck xxx

  • Hey button, good luck with it, it's good to have a plan 😊 I decided against another cycle due to age and am now going abroad for DE. I have a video call today to start the process. Scary but exciting!

    I hope it goes well for you, you are so supportive to everyone on here and I wish you a bfp and beyond xxx

  • Not sure if I am setting myself up to fail but will always wonder after our BFP last time.

    Let me know how you video call goes, good luck xxx

  • Thanks button, I contemplated another cycle for the same reason, that's 5 bfps now. and then nothing and I can't face that again. All checks are clear and all drugs tried and so conclusion is it's an age thing 😞 This new clinic has a seriously high success rate for donor eggs and that helped sway me, the endless disappointments are so hard to take. Am nervous about the call but I'm sure will be fine, will keep you posted! Have a good day and lots of baby dust to you πŸ˜€Xx

  • That's great news Button! Don't know if would be worth trying by naturapath/chinese doc lady put me on Red Date soup every night before my last transfer and it definitely helped things down there. I noticed a big difference in CM and I think it might have helped me.

  • I will have a look into that Thanks X

  • Bless you Button-123, our fist cycle failed so have been feeling so many different emotions😒We are going to try again in September and have also been recommended to start taking DHEA, any recommendations as to where the best place to get it? Good luck with it all, sending positive thoughts xxx

  • Aw sorry your cycle failed 😒 I got mine from biovea, on my 2nd cycle I only took it for 4 weeks and had massive improvements and that's the only thing that was different so hoping a good 12 blast of it will help X

  • Good luck! I think DHEA made a difference in my last cycle too. Sadly miscarried though. Can I ask what dose you're taking? My consultant was very vague- I think he was guessing! X

  • Aw I am sorry that happened, I had a chemical pregnancy on my last cycle. I take 75 in total but split 25 at breakfast, dinner & tea X

  • Lozza97 Biovea website is good for DHEA, that's where I bought mine.

    Good luck Button 123 it's reassuring knowing DHEA actually made an improvement! I'm starting my first cycle at the end of August and would have been taking DHEA since February so fingers crossed!

    Lovely to speak to other people who are going through/have gone through this experience.

    Sam xx

  • I feel it did, a lot of consultants sit on the fence as there isn't much proven on it but I feel on my 2nd cycle it defo improved things X

  • Sounds like you have a good plan in your head button, I always feel better when I have a plan! :) Fingers crossed DHEA does its stuff for you!x

  • Really glad to hear you're feeling positive button, you deserve it xx

  • Glad you are feeling better now you have a plan. I get the same way! I need to have a plan a b and c.

    What is the dhea?I've googled it and it and I'm confused. What is it for if you dont mind me asking? x x

  • No Probs it's a hormone supplement and its surprise to be good for people with low amh/egg reserve. There are very mixed reviews on it, my consultant said it wouldn't do me any harm but nothing proven that it helps, I figured I had nothing to lose. A lot are scared by the side effects but last time I didn't have any X

  • Ah ok.thank you Why not if it wont do any harm.dont blame you! I may have looked at the wrong thing cos it said for men ( testosterone supplement πŸ˜‚) unless both sexes can take it. xx

  • Best off are a very brave girl.lots if love for you.

  • Good luck Button! Have you heard about taking Ubiquinol as well? It's meant to be a building block of cells so is really good for egg quality. I'm currently taking 300mg a day. Good luck, hope this is the one X

  • Oooo will have a look into that thanks. Where do you buy it? X

  • I buy mine from make sure you get Ubiquinol & not CoQ10 as although it's cheaper the body can't absorb it easily x

  • Thanks X

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