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Going private with 2nd round of IVF - any tips and success stories (unexplained fertility)


Hi Guys

Last year I had 3 failed IUI's and failed my only NHS funded treatment of IVF. They got 12 eggs which came down to 2 on the day which weren't great quality, neither stuck.

I am going to be 38 and my oh is 32. We're going with the same clinic again as its easy for us both to travel to, however, i looked at their success rates and they didn't seem that great, should i be worried or is it just pot luck? As we're having to pay £5k this time round just want to make sure we have the best chance. I have unexplained infertility and my partner has good healthy sperm but its just not happening for us, i have tried fertility supplements, eating right, keeping fit, doing everything in the book but no joy. I have asked for the endo scratch to increase my chances this time round as i weren't offered it on the NHS, and they include embryo glue within the package. I feel as i did everything in the book last time so what's to say it wont work again this time. I'm trying to remain positive but its so difficult. Has anyone got any success stories on their 2nd round with an endo scratch, is there anything else you did different on the 2nd round,would really like to hear some positive stories .

All the best xxx

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I fully understand your frustration at having done everything by the book and still not had success in your treatments so far. It made me so angry and upset, especially when I could see people around me with such unhealthy lifestyles fall pregnant naturally.

I’ve had the endometrial scratch the last two cycles. No luck cycle four but I’m on 2ww of cycle 5 now so fingers crossed I’ll be lucky this time. I don’t think it can do any harm to give it a try. It’s a quick and relatively inexpensive procedure.

I understand you wanting to spend your money on your next cycle wisely. We have self funded four cycles. I suppose it is good to have a look around and make an informed decision about where is the best place for you to have your next cycle. You can use the HFEA website to compare clinics. Having said that I really don’t think statistics are everything.

Wishing you the best of luck in your decision making 🍀 x

Veekay80 in reply to Dunla

Hi Dunla, hope you don't mind me asking, do you also have unexplained infertility? Thank you for your response, and good luck xx

Dunla in reply to Veekay80

Hi, don’t mind you asking at all. No, our infertility is explained! I have very low AMH and my husband has serious issues with his sperm count and motility. Double whammy!

Veekay80 in reply to Dunla

I’m sorry to hear that but power on through, it will happen it’s just a matter of when xx

Dunla in reply to Veekay80

Thanks. Hoping it’s 5th time lucky 🍀 x

My clinic has great stats which reassures me. However, due to needing pgd I have to travel to their sister clinic twice as far away (even better stats) and I would not do this by choice. The travel has been stressful and made me have more time off work etc. We had to pay for a hotel the night before EC as we might have got stuck in traffic coming up the motorway that morning. So whilst I do think stats are important I also think that convenience makes a big difference to stress levels whilst you go through treatment so it’s probably a good thing your chosen clinic is easy to get to.

I would be asking them about changing your drug protocol.

Thank you for your response, and good luck xx

Hey vee, no advice, you know where I’m at! When are you starting your next cycle? I’m about to start round 2! X

Veekay80 in reply to Newqgirl1

Hey Hun, haven’t been here in a while and I my just seen your threads, I’m sorry it didn’t happen for you on your first round. Hopefully 2nd time round for both of us will be better. I had my amh bloodtest done and have a consultation booked for the 14th, I think we should be ready to go then. In the meantime I’m looking at credit cards to pay the whole thing off, I’m having an endo scratch done and going to see what else I can get to improve my chances. I’m eating well and hitting the gym 3 times a week as well as taking the normal fertility supplements. Not gonna bother with anything else. How about you? Hope you’re ok xx

Newqgirl1 in reply to Veekay80

Eeek, luckily we’re on nhs again. I’m due to start after the next period so we’ll be probably around the same time again! Same for me (although I don’t beat myself up for the occasional pizza!) good luck with the next round and keep in touch xx

I can really empathise with ur post. Very frustrating to make so many lifestyle changes and watch others eat, drink and do what they want and have no issues, or realization of just how lucky they are for that matter! I wish u all the best for your next cycle 😘 xxx

Veekay80 in reply to TTCs

Thank you, same to you x

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