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IUI - day 1 to 8

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So I've deided to post regularly during my first cycle of IUI. Before I started the treatment myself I spent hours on google reading about other people's experiences. I got speaking to someone on here who was on a very similar path to me and a bit further down the road in their journey and it really helped prepare me for what was to come so thought I'd share my own story in the hope it helps others too.

After a bit of a delay in getting started (due to a badly timed holiday and then a BFP and very early miscarriage the month I was due to start) my period began a week ago today. As it was a Sunday (day 1) I phoned the clinic the next day and went in that afternoon for an internal scan and some bloods (day 2). I think the main reason for this was to make sure I wasn't already pregnant and to check the lining of my womb to see that all was as should be at this point in my cycle. I left the appointment with some clomid tablets and and instruction to phone the next morning for my blood results before starting them. The results came back showing that I wasnt pregnant πŸ‘Ž so I started the Clomid tablets that night and continued them for 5 nights (day 3 to 7). I was also given appoitments for my first 3 injections (day 5, 7 and 9). Today is day 8 so I took my last Clomid tab last night and I've had two injections so far with my third tomorrow morning. Tomorrow I'll need to demonstrate to the nurse and give myself the injection, which Im a bit anxious about. Ive had a practice with some demonstration injections that the clinic gave me but the thought of it is still making me feel a bit queasy but I'll just have to get on with it and do what I need to do.

I dont think the tablets/injections have had a big effect on my mood. I was worried that I'd be a hormonal mess but so far I've only noticed that Im sleeping more than normal. I also had a bit of a shaky moment on Friday when at a social event where I felt a bit weak and my hands started to shake but I think that might have been anxiety related. I'm naturally quite an anxious person and maybe the drugs are increasing my anxiety levels just now or maybe I'm just feeling anxious about the whole thing in general. Who knows!

So tomorrow wil be the last of my 3 injections and then it'll scan day on Wednesday (day 11).

I'll post again soon with another update and hope my story helps anyone starting their own IUI journey.


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