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IUI due and s/o has to work away-options? feeling down :(

Hi Guys

I'm just after some advice please, my s/o has to work away sometimes and unfortunately it's the time our 2nd IUI is due.

I'm due for a follicle check up on Thursday and have took clomid from days 2-6 of my cycle. I'm predicting my surge will happen next week and my partner won't be around :( i'm totally gutted but it's something he can't get out of.

I haven't been well this week either, been run down with a cold and cough so Im not feeling optimistic anyway and feeling let down from the first IUI although i know the chances weren't that great, but feel a bit let down by o/s as he's only just told me now and i've already took the clomid.

My question is, do you think i should just go to the appointment on Thursday and see how many follicles I have and basically wing it, maybe try naturally over the weekend for a better chance and before he goes away then call the clinic and let them know we can;t make this one? Or just cancel the appointment altogether.

The nurse said its better to go go straight into an IUI if one fails hence why I wanted to do this, also i asked wether they could freeze my s/o's swimmers but they said no , is there anything else we could do, like can i take it in for him?


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I don't know much about the iui process but when I took my OH sample to the hospital for the normal analysis I had to get it there within 1 hour of it being produced so I don't know if that's something you can do? Maybe worth asking the clinic- very frustrating that it's happened to fall like this makes the journey even more difficult . I hope you manage to get sorted for you cycle and good luck xx

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Why don't you go for ivf next time? Has a higher success rate that IUI.

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Ive got 3 rounds if IUI, I'll be doing my 2nd one next week, if all 3 fail they will give me one round of IVF, and if that doesnt work than I 'll have to go private and will probably just go for IVF again but hopefully it will happen soon!


Ahh I see this is on the NHS?


Yes luckily enough, hope it works as going private costs a bomb but it will have to be something we do if we reach that road.


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