Update.... just before IUI #2 😬😬

Hi all,

Just a little update...

So I opted for the IUI option back in January. I met someone later that month who completely understood my want for a child and was willing to stick by me which was lovely.

I had my first IUI with donor sperm on 13th march, unfortunately AF started a week early so was a fail :( Was told the Sperm motility was only 50% so that wasn't fantastic & could have been a factor but who knows.

Teed up IUI #2, drugs delivery was arranged. However after work that day I noticed AF wasn't really starting properly, was a bit on & off so decided to do a cheapy test, thought I saw a teeny faint line, so done a clear blue, there was also a light line, thought a digital may confirm & indeed the answer was 'pregnant 1-2'. :) :) How amazing, it has happened naturally! Totally unexpected but smiles all round. After doing a series of tests each day since, the line has become darker but still hasn't sunk in & I cannot believe it!!

Have booked an early 8 week scan a few days before my first midwife appt, so now got an agonising 3 weeks ish to wait! So nerve wracking hoping everything is starting in the right place.

Sending baby dust & positive thoughts to all you other ladies out there. I am very nervous as it's really early days but so incredibly excited alongside it. I truly wish for as many of you to be able to have this exact feeling ASAP.


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  • Wow this is amazing ☺️ congratulations, you must be over the moon. X

  • Sooo shocked, but yes completely. :) x

  • Wow Congratulations! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy!xx

  • Thanks so much x

  • Fantastic news!!! Well done☺

  • Thankyou x

  • Congratulations xx

  • Many thanks x

  • That's brilliant news, congratulations! Xx

  • Thankyou 😁 X

  • Wonderful story! :) congratulations xx

  • Thanks so much x

  • How are you doing? Just reading your post re IUI as I'm in my 2WW a week after stimulated IUI Last Monday. Hoping all is well with you! Xx

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