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First cycle of IUI


After 3 years TTC and attending an infertility clinic for around 18 months with unexplained fertility I've just started my first cycle of IUI. Currently on day 3 of my cycle so starting clomid tonight and first injection booked for Friday, which will be day 6. I thought injections started earlier in the cycle so wondering if this is normal? Anyone else doing IUI just now and any hints/tips? Feeling a bit excited/nervous/anxious! x

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Yay IUI Buddy! I had baseline scan day 1 and injections started day 5 for me. I progressed quite quickly so had scans every day days 7-10, and triggered on day 10, IUI on day 11. I have shorter cycles which explained the early days.

I had IUI last Monday so am 8 days down the line waiting another 8 for official test day.

First injection I was quite scared, but was fine afterwards and ok for all others! Any questions i can help with please ask. I'm just delighted to have someone who is a similar time to me going through IUI. Good luck and I'll be thinking of you xxx

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Thanks for your reply.

My scan was day 2 so That might explain why the first injection is day 6. Might sound a bit weird but Im actually looking forward to the injections! Not that Im a big fan of them, I just want to get started and move things forward. Im so impatient!!

My cycles are also slivhtly shorter than average so maybe I'll be similar to you.

How r u finding the 2ww? I imagine that'll be the hardest bit.

Wishing you loads of luck. xx


Feeling like you are getting on with it and doing something productive definitely helps the ups and downs of the last 2 1/2 years for me....the injections are not so bad and I had no side effects at first, then felt a bit teary and tired. The clinic were very supportive as was my husband and just had to get through that and work and everything else had to wait!

The wait is long, I'm not going to lie, been trying to keep

Busy!! Found Monday hard as felt like ages but still had 9 days to go. Now only a week left! Unless I come on before... just have to wait and see!!!

Hope first injection is ok! Xxx

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The only other side effect is mega bloating - I'm not fitting into any trousers ok! Was worse when on injections, drank lots of peppermint tea! Still not going down but it does take a while to get out of system! Xxx


Great. Im bloated at the best of times so not looking forward to that. Fingers ceossed it'll all be worth it in the end!

I really hope the next week goes fast for u. Fingers crossed!! You'll need to let me know how u get on. x


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